4 characteristics of ideal e-commerce packaging. In e-commerce, when a customer places an order, he must wait hours, days, or weeks before receiving his item. It all depends on the type of product, the geographical position of the customer, and the period. In any case, this is the time it takes to properly prepare the product. And good preparation starts with good packaging. To this end, for the latter to be of quality, it must have certain characteristics. Find 4 of them in this article.

To respect the environment

If previously this was of little importance, with the degradation of the environment which is increasingly felt, the notion of ecological impact is now unavoidable. The way you respect the environment is taken into account in each of your actions. It even represents a real customer loyalty tool.

Not to mention the fact that it raises awareness. For your packaging, you must therefore turn to materials that respect the environment. This is the case of corrugated cardboard, which not only is biodegradable, but also has several other advantages:

  • Lightweight;
  • Economic;
  • Easy to print etc.

Facilitate opening and returns

In terms of e-commerce, parcel returns represent a major factor in customer loyalty. Indeed, more than half of consumers give up an order when the terms of return do not suit them. By setting up an easy opening and the possibility of returning without problem, you allow your customers to be reassured about this option. Thus, you manage to retain them.

When customers open their items, the process should be simple and marked up. This means that the cardboard is damaged as little as possible. Because, in the event of a possible return, this cardboard could be reused. Also, easy opening prevents consumers from using sharp objects that could injure them or damage the product. In addition, it prevents any difficulty that could lead to frustration with the customer.

Protect the products in the packaging

Failing to send them back to you, a customer will inevitably be frustrated to receive damaged items. In the worst case, he won’t order any more from you. This is why it is important to protect them well through the packaging so that they arrive intact. It must be said that before a package reaches a consumer, it undergoes a large number of manipulations throughout the supply chain.

So, if the products are poorly protected or poorly fitted, there is a good chance that they will arrive damaged. To this end, there are many cushioning elements that you can use to optimize the protection of the item in the packaging. It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits the product.

Lower the costs

It is completely normal that you seek to make profit margins in your trading. And it must be said that packaging is also a source of expense. To this end, when you adopt protection and wedging strategies to prevent the products from being damaged, you automatically reduce your costs. To estimate your packaging strategy, you need to factor in the costs:

  • Packaging;
  • Of their manufacture;
  • Logistics to get them to you, then to the customer.

However, it should be noted that this cost is also impacted by the quality of your packaging. The same is true for the types of boxes you choose to send your products. You also have the vacuum in your packaging which will have an impact. Indeed, this influences the total amount of cardboard you use to pack and send your products. And of course, the more you use, the more you spend.