4 tips for choosing the right internet plan. In our increasingly connected world, internet packages have become a kind of fuel that we need on a daily basis, whether for fun or for work. order to benefit from a good speed, and this without interruption, it is essential to opt for the right internet connection offer. In this sense, we offer you here 4 tips to find the best internet plan.

Define your internet connection needs

Depending on the use you will have of your internet plan, you must start by evaluating the volume of data you will need. For example, know that if you plan to use your data to watch a movie streaming for an hour, without being interrupted, you will need a minimum quota of 500 Megabytes. The speed must be at least 5MB/s.

On the other hand, if you want to browse online as part of professional activity, you can easily consume 1GB of data. Here again, a recommended minimum throughput for good productivity in a working day is 5MB/s. So remember to opt for a plan that will not have to be renewed every 72 hours and that will not slow down your online activities.

In addition, be aware that you will find on the gazette du geek many other interesting tips on the digital world.

Test your eligibility

The eligibility test is also a very important step in the process of choosing an internet plan, as it tells you about the network coverage of your home or workplace. In addition, this test also tells you the type and quality of internet connection you can have at home.
One of the practical solutions to carry out this test remains the use of your telephone number.

However, this technique is not the most effective. Instead, using your Installation Designation Number (NDI) allows you to know the exact address of your accommodation. This allows you to more accurately assess the performance of the operator you have chosen in your area.

Take into account the type of connection according to the location

In France, there are mainly four types of internet connection:

  • fiber internet connection;
  • cable internet connection;
  • ADSL internet connection;
  • satellite internet connection.

Without misunderstanding, optical fiber is the best form of connection for any intensive internet user. This mode of Internet access offers unparalleled connection speed and greater stability. Some users even have the possibility of benefiting from a speed of up to 200 Mbit/s depending on their proximity to the optical node.

As far as it is concerned, ADSL is a technology that uses copper wires relayed to telephone sockets and which allows access to the Internet. Its speed does not exceed 20 Mb / s, which clearly does not represent a great performance.

Compare offers from several operators

Most internet service providers offer unlimited connections. These offers are generally accompanied by additional services such as telephone calls, sending emails, and access to TV. Depending on the needs you have defined, you can compare the different offers available from several operators.

This is the best way to find the offer that will allow you to make the most of your subscription. However, whatever your needs, having a stable internet connection remains essential. For good performance, Triple Play offers are generally more advantageous. This pack combines internet access, a TV package, and landline telephony in your home.

Triple Play offers to provide access to significant preferential rates. In addition, the TV package differs a lot depending on the providers. In some cases, you can target themes such as sport, culture, cinema, and series. You may also consider negotiating the content of your channel packs with your provider at the time of your engagement.