5 essential accessories for your smartphone. Whether it is to improve your smartphone, make it more versatile, protect it or give it style, it is important to go through the accessory box.

They’re great for making your phone look even more amazing than it already is. But the choice is so vast that it is difficult to navigate. To make your life easier, we have therefore created this list of 5 accessories that your phone absolutely needs! Let’s go.

First step: a screen protector

Got a new phone? Congratulation! Now you can give it a screen protector. The screen of your phone is the most fragile part. All it takes is one clumsy move and you could end up with a broken screen, while your phone is still brand new. Knowing that the repair can cost half the price of your device, it is quite useless to take this risk. Always protect the screen first!

Second step: a protective shell

Now that you’ve taken care of the screen, it’s time to protect the rest of the phone. Everyone has dropped their phone at least once. And if you’re even a little clumsy, you’ve probably dropped it plenty of times. But the problem is that with each shock, your phone is damaged a little more, sometimes making it completely unusable. To avoid this, give him a protective phone case that will protect him from future falls and rides.

To move around: the car holder

These days, your phone is more than just a device for making phone calls. You can use it as a GPS, or music player or connect it hands-free in your car. Buying a reliable phone holder for your car will not only protect your device from vibrations or bumps on the road but will also make your life easier by making it more functional. It will still be much better than throwing it in the passenger seat or in the cup holder. And it won’t have to mess with your keys or loose change, so it’ll stay in good shape longer.

For the holidays: a waterproof pouch

You and your phone deserve a vacation by the sea. But from a functional standpoint, water and sand don’t mix well with electronics. And then, they are rather invasive, to the point that you can no longer dislodge them. So if you want to avoid this type of problem, put your phone in a waterproof pouch when you are by the water or on the beach. You will be able to continue to send SMS and photos quietly from your swimming pool!

For simplicity: the wireless charger

Not having to worry about all those tangled cables and non-working connectors is still more convenient! With wireless, you will forget those finicky chargers that had to be adjusted to the millimeter to start charging. You can also simply put your phone on it and pick it up whenever you want, without having to tear the cable out of the socket when you leave! Make using your phone easier and treat yourself to a wireless charger.