The Kreezal jacquard saree will draw attention anywhere you wear it, whether you’re planning to wear it to a wedding, festival, or simply a family gathering. To boost your sense of style and make a statement among the public, you may also add some original stylistic touches to the saree. You’ve arrived at the correct site if you’re looking for advice on how to decorate a jacquard saree in an original way.

Tips and Tricks to Style a Jacquard Saree in a Unique Manner

Here are some helpful hints for dressing stylishly and confidently in your jacquard saree.

Try the Neck Drape Style 

This style is my personal favourite, as it is easy to drape, besides being unique and trendy. Follow the below-given steps to style your jacquard saree wholesale in this manner

  • Start by draping the saree in the traditional style while leaving a longer-than-usual pallu length. 
  • Arrange the pallu in tight pleats before twisting it around your neck like a scarf. 
  • You can choose to wrap the pleated pallu around your neck for its entire length.
  • You can also stop after wrapping it once around your neck and spread out the pleats in front. 
  • Accessorise with light jewellery in gold or silver, and you are ready to go.

Get the Royal Look with Bengali Style

Wearing your jacquard saree in Bengali style will give you a royal look and feel. If you do not know how to wear a jacquard saree in Bengali style, follow the steps given below. 

  • Regularly drape the saree without setting the pallu as usual.
  • Arrange the pallu in pleats and place it directly on your left shoulder without wrapping it around your waist. 
  • Now take the corner of the pallu and bring it around and under your right arm before placing it on your right shoulder. 
  • Adjust the pleats of the pallu to ensure that the pleats are sharp and well-settled. 
  • Use enough pins to ensure that the pallu does not slip off your shoulders on either side.
  • Accessorise with heavy gold jewellery, preferably in traditional design, to complete the majestic look.

Opt for the Lehenga Style

This is yet another style of wearing a jacquard saree that I find quite appealing given its simplicity. The steps to drape the saree in this style are given below. 

  • Start by wrapping the saree once around the petticoat and tucking it in on the right. 
  • Now, starting from the right, make tight pleats and tuck them in, taking each pleat forward rather than stacking them to make them spread across the waist. 
  • Wrap the pallu normally around your waist and pin it up on your left shoulder after pleating it properly. 
  • Add another twist to this style by pairing the saree with unique jacquard saree blouse designs, such as a kurti blouse or a blouse with heavy embroidery.

Wear It In Elegant Dhoti Style

If you are looking to wear your jacquard saree in a completely different style, then a dhoti is the best option. Follow the steps given below to drape the saree in this style. 

  • Wrap the saree from the mid-length once around your waist and use the top edges to tie a knot in the front. 
  • Now wrap the left side of the saree around the left leg and pleat it lengthwise before tucking it in at the back.
  • Take the loose end of this side of the saree and pleat it, then tuck it in the front on the left side. 
  • Now wrap the right length of the saree around the right leg and pull it up on your left shoulder as the pallu.
  • Use a belt to keep the pallu and the saree in place, and accessorise with high heels and modern jewellery for the perfect look.

Choose the Pant Style for a Modern Look

Try wearing your saree in the pant style if you want to combine a traditional and modern appearance. You may drape your saree in this manner by following the procedures listed below.

  • Go for a fashionable shirt and slacks or tights instead of the conventional blouse and petticoat.
  • Starting from the inner portion, pleat the saree until it is slightly short of halfway in length.
  • Make sure the leftover length of the saree hangs out from your left side when you tuck the pleats into the waist of your pants.
  • Now tuck the saree in at the waist and wrap it lengthwise, starting from your left side up to your spine.
  • The other end of the saree should be brought to the front and begin to form the pallu before being slung over your left shoulder.
  • To hold the saree in place, accessorise with a long jacket made of the same material or a broad belt.


The aforementioned suggestions for alternative ways to wear a jacquard saree contribute to its beauty and adaptability, two qualities that most women adore about this classic Indian outfit.

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