7 tips for kids to use their phones safely. It’s hard to do without the smartphone without taking the risk of being cut off from society and our loved ones… Whether we like it or not, our world is connected! This is all the more true for our children, who have grown up in the era of mobile internet.

Whatever their age, your child must be able to use their smartphone safely. This is possible by taking a few precautions.

A protected smartphone

The first step is to protect the device itself. The children are clumsy, the smartphone falls, and the accident happens… To ensure that the Samsung Galaxy S22 that you gave him does not end up in shards of glass and small electronic components scattered in the kitchen is absolutely essential.

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Choose the password together

The Pin code and passwords are necessary to protect your child’s Smartphone, but, for greater security, it is better that you decide together. This will prevent:

  • The “forgotten” passwords that require you to reset everything
  • Obvious codes, like 0000 or 1234

Block access to public Wi-Fi

Public networks are not secure. You’re already avoiding them for yourself, so make sure your child won’t have access to them. Indeed, this can be tempting for him (in order to avoid out-of-packages), and it is likely that, even if you have told him, he does not realize the risks involved.

Control installed apps

There are no right or wrong apps, but these are suitable for a certain audience. Normally, they all have an age limit, even social networks, but in practice there is nothing easier than to circumvent this rule with the help of a little lie (it is true that your child never lie, but hey, just in case…). Monitoring the apps your kids use will help you avoid stumbling across your 14-year-old daughter’s profile on Tinder.

Use monitoring software

They are debated, especially under their name of spyware, but the truth is that they are devilishly effective in guaranteeing the safety of your child through his Smartphone. Find out where he is when he’s late (at a friend’s house, or across town), take a look at his conversations (is that boy flirting with my daughter really 15, or 35 years old?), detect possible risky behavior (why does my son consult sites that talk about drugs?).

The line between parental control and spying is sometimes blurred… it’s up to you to decide what’s good or bad. Monitoring software simply gives you the ability to access information.


This could have been the first tip, we chose to leave it for last. As always, talking with your child is the best way to help him prevent dangers, and to allow him to face situations for which he is not yet prepared.

Your children can now enjoy their Smartphone without you worrying (too much)!