A CLEANING COMPANY FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF WINDOWS IN COMPANIES. The cleaning of windows in business is often provided by a cleaning company in order to achieve a satisfactory result. Office blocks, exterior walls, windows and glass roofs are all parts of a building or building housing business premises, which can be glazed.

All these surfaces therefore deserve special attention, not only because of the impact of their condition on the quality of the workspace they cover, but also because of the image they convey of the company that uses them. trees. Various methods can be used to maintain these glazed surfaces. However, they have in common the quality of the result guaranteed with certainty by the professional action of a cleaning company.

Cleaning company: methods of washing windows with a wetter

We do not improvise window cleaner for business. The effective implementation of this task requires expertise that is usually only found in the professional action of a cleaning company. To this end, the dampener method uses the following tools:

  • A moistener which ensures the application of the cleaning product on the surface of the glass;
  • A squeegee used to remove dirt and used water;
  • A microfiber used for cleaning joints.

French window cleaning

This method is one of the most used in business. It is very simple, but it is not the fastest. The cleaner begins by rubbing the moistener over the entire surface to be washed. He then uses the squeegee to do the cleaning. The latter is applied to the glass, from one end to the other.

This process is applied in the vertical direction for the upper three quarters of the glass surface to be cleaned. For the remaining lower quarter, the passage of the squeegee no longer takes place vertically, but horizontally. One or two passages are then sufficient.

Between the scraping of two columns, a column here representing the length of the squeegee, it is imperative to clean the rubber of the squeegee using a cloth. Once these operations are complete, the drippings on the window frames are removed using a microfiber cloth.

Following these different steps ensures very high quality cleaning.

American window cleaning

American-style window cleaning by a cleaning company is much more technical than French-style cleaning. However, it is no less fast. The principle of this method is to ensure the washing and wiping of the glass surface without having to detach the squeegee. To do this, the cleaner performs horizontal and vertical movements mimicking an “S”.

The dampener is generally held under the squeegee while following its movements. Like the French method, the scrubber also ends here by cleaning the drips at the joints with a microfiber cloth.

The pure water cleaning method

This method is particularly used for cleaning large glass surfaces or surfaces located at height. The water used is water stripped of all minerals: it is demineralised. Click here to learn more about this water. Demineralized water has the enormous advantage of not leaving any marks when it dries and thus making it unnecessary to use a squeegee. It acts aggressively against foreign particles, like a real detergent.

In this case, the cleaner only uses a telescopic pole which allows him to work up to twenty meters in height. This formidable method of efficiency has the advantage of being respectful of the environment: it does not involve the use of any chemical product. Only the incredible cleaning power of pure water is called upon.

So there are various methods of window cleaning. However, their effective implementation requires expertise that only a specialized company can provide. This justifies the use of a cleaning company for the cleanliness of the windows in the company

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