A few keys to improving your online security. For several years now, the Internet has become an essential tool, whether for work or for leisure. When we know that 92% of French people have an internet network at home and that they spend an average of more than two hours a day on the web, we can begin to measure the extent of the digital world.

However, if we are used to protecting our business and our privacy in our daily lives, we all tend to neglect online security. Here are some keys that will improve your security without having to spend hours on settings and other checks…

The VPN, the fashionable asset

You have no doubt already heard of the VPN, this protection system that allows you to change the “identity card” of your computer.

By going through one of the servers of a VPN like NordVPN, you create a digital barrier that is extremely difficult for hackers to cross. If ever an individual or a malicious program wishes to penetrate your computer, it will trace the IP address, this famous identity card. But, before arriving at yours, it will necessarily go through the VPN server. As you can imagine, this type of server has much better protection than our home computers. The malicious program will therefore be annihilated even before reaching your computer.

Verification platforms, a valuable aid for Internet users

If it is sometimes difficult to know if a site is safe or not, help does exist on the Internet.

The same goes for your hobbies. The best-known streaming sites are the most likely not to infect your computer. For games, platforms also exist. Steam is therefore a must for all video game lovers. With keys that work consistently and a quick refund in the event of a problem or disappointment, it’s a must-have. For casino games, VegasSlotsOnline fulfills its role as a reference verification platform with more than one million visitors per month.

Antiviruses, a tool sometimes neglected

While antivirus software enjoyed a golden age a few years ago, many people today simply don’t have one. Sometimes very intrusive and very noisy, they no longer have the success they deserve. Because, in terms of security, antiviruses are an essential tool for regularly surfing online without problems. In addition to protecting the network, as a VPN would do, the antivirus can also act on the computer internally and therefore protect it from malware, phishing, or other things that can pass through the meshes of the VPN.

Far from being competitors, they are therefore perfectly complementary.

The last piece of advice is therefore simple, do not hesitate to combine the protection tools. You can absolutely have an antivirus and an active VPN to surf the Internet.

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