Having a blog is, in a way, having a journal in which it is possible to write different types of themes. It is possible to talk about his passions, his travels, etc. Having a blog is also having a tool to make yourself known. Whether for a commercial purpose or otherwise, it can be used to promote something. However, you have to know how to choose the platform used to design the blog.

Things to consider when creating a blog

Before thinking about creating a blog, choosing a platform to host it is an essential and obvious step. As there are many platforms on the net, the choice can be difficult. Usually, these blogging tools fall under the category of content management systems or CMS. They therefore make it possible to make various publications on the web.

The diplodocus site offers a complete comparison of the best free blogging platforms. It is possible to see them. But first, it is necessary to understand a few things, and to have that the goal of finding the best blogging platform is to find a CMS that allows you to take advantage of various key features. Those are :


  • the integrated text editing options: as it is a journal, it must allow for textual publications of all kinds and thus provide options relating to this.
  • Comments functionality: To develop a blog well, it is necessary to have a thriving comments section. However, the blog must have functionality allowing to have control over these comments, that is to say, to have the possibility of moderating them.
  • the ability to customize: a large majority of platforms offering blog design now allow customizations according to the needs and conveniences of users. They provide them with additional modules to facilitate customization. In this way, blog owners can in turn add features that meet their needs.
  • ease of use: the design of a blog does not have to be complex. This operation should be within everyone’s reach without necessarily being an expert in web development. The very idea is to find a platform that offers a manual or some sort of user mode.
  • Scalability: Scalability is important when it comes to blogging. As the internet continues to develop, it is necessary to keep up with the changes. The platform must then be able to manage several contents without slowing down. Thus, the blog can have good potential.

What are the most popular blogging platforms?

Admittedly, the list of platforms that offer blogging is long. However, there are some that are particularly popular with users and are therefore better known than others. This is the case with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Tumblr, blogger, or even pyro and Jekyll.