CHOOSING A PROFESSIONAL WHIPPED CREAM MACHINE: THE SELECTION CRITERIA. Chantilly cream is used in the preparation of many desserts in the professional kitchen. It is the favorite sweetness of the greediest. Nowadays, making whipped cream by hand is no longer an alternative. Because beating it with a whip is very restrictive. To avoid this, you can choose a professional whipped cream machine.

This solution has many advantages. You can achieve the desired result faster in an effective way. But to choose a professional whipped cream machine, you have to take into account certain criteria. We invite you to discover them in this article.

What is a professional whipped cream machine?

A professional whipped cream machine is useful kitchen ice cream equipment for any catering and hotel professional. It allows the intensive preparation of a light, unctuous, delicately sweet and ideally airy whipped cream.

It also has an air pump to incorporate air to give the cream a foamy texture. The device works permanently and is very easy to use.

Take production capacity into account when choosing a professional whipped cream machine

If you have a considerable quantity of whipped cream, the choice of your device must be adapted to your needs. For example, if you are a professional, go for equipment that meets the amount of cream you will need daily.

Consumption and price

Before choosing a professional whipped cream machine, try to find a balance between the cost and the consumption of the equipment. Since these types of devices run on electricity, their intensive use has repercussions on the bill. It would therefore be better to opt for a much more economical model. A 12V type machine is the ideal choice.

The material of manufacture

The use of a whipped cream machine is intensive. It will therefore be necessary to opt for a durable manufacturing material over time. The ideal would be to choose equipment designed in stainless steel.

Device features

Choose a machine with multiple features. So, when wanting to choose a professional whipped cream machine, check if it is equipped with an automatic cleaning system, for example. This saves you from having to prepare it after each use.

Finally, prefer a model that will allow you to add an aroma to your whipped cream. In this way, you will have the possibility of changing the preparation of your cream to taste other recipes.

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