Android clipboard: how to access the clipboard on android. Have you ever wondered where the portion of text copied with your smartphone ends? Whenever you copy a text or a link, a “Copy to clipboard” message appears on your Android device. But where does this text end? How to recover it? In this short guide, we will answer these decisive questions and try to clarify this question that affects all users.

What is the clipboard?

Well, it is a storage space (temporary or not) where you copy all code snippets, messages, etc. (from web pages, documents, text messages, or WhatsApp) for the purpose of sending them to someone or simply editing the text. To copy text, you must first select it and then long-press on the selected area. Then you can “copy”. If you do this, a “Copy to clipboard” message will appear. While it is easy to “paste” the last paragraph of text to be pasted (always long press on the text box and select Paste), sometimes you want to restore text that was “copied” an hour or even days ago. Then, you have to dive into the “clipboard”.


The fact is that the operating system usually has a graphical user interface or a clipboard application. The clipboard is an almost invisible system service. In most cases, this is therefore the only way to view content copied to the clipboard to execute paste commands elsewhere in the operating system.

This means that by default, there is no easy way to view clipboard contents on Mac OS, Windows, iOS, or Android.

However, this does not mean that it cannot be completed, because, on Android, you can use some third-party apps to view the contents of the Android OS clipboard.

How to access the clipboard on Android?

On Android (without the help of third-party apps), there really isn’t a place where you can see all the content you’ve copied. When you hold down the text to copy and paste it elsewhere, you know the clipboard is working. This is how you know the clipboard can work.

If you use Gboard, you already have a clipboard because the app comes with a clipboard. The Gboard clipboard is easy to use and also gives you a great keyboard. If you don’t use Gboard, please use a third-party application such as Clipper-Clipboard Manager. It is one of the highest-rated apps on Google Play and offers a variety of options that you may find useful. If your Android device is running Android 10, the app will display a message informing you that some features have been removed in this version. For Android 10 users, you can access the copied text in two ways: you can open the app or tap the app notification. In the notification bar, you will see the last text copied last time. If you want to see more text than copied, tap the drop-down menu on the right side of the notification.

How to Clear Clipboard in Android?

Since the default Android version only stores the last item you copied, you only need to copy another text to clear its item history. When you do this, it will delete any content previously copied to the clipboard.

If you have a Samsung device or other Android skins, you might notice a “Delete All” button when opening the clipboard history. Click on it and confirm your decision to clear the clipboard history.

If you are sure that nothing important is saved in the clipboard, you are suggested to delete everything. It is faster, more efficient, and can free up more space on your phone/tablet.

To get more options for using the Android clipboard, it is better to use a third-party app. Which app you choose depends on your day-to-day note-taking needs, but there are plenty of apps to choose from.