Why create banners for your site. Over the years, web banners have become one of the most effective and popular forms of online advertising. These are advertising banners, and digital ads that appear in different strategic locations on a website. This is a new form of online advertising that catches the eye of the Internet user when browsing a web page.

Banners allow you to pass an advertising message to highlight your products or services and thus improve the sales of your company. But the main function of advertising banners is above all to redirect your potential customers to your website in order to increase the number of visits by Internet users.

Web banners are essential marketing elements that should be incorporated into your digital marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why you should absolutely use banner ads for your website.

A powerful web marketing tool to increase your visibility and notoriety

Web banners, also called display advertising, are very effective in developing your notoriety and your brand image. But they also have the role of communicating your offer to your customers. Distributed wherever you want, they allow you to increase the visibility of your business and give you the opportunity to promote your image, your products, and services to a large audience to which you would not otherwise have been able to have access. Web banners, therefore, allow you to significantly expand your target audience. Your digital ad can quickly reach thousands or even millions of Internet users. Thus, web banners allow you to increase your presence on the internet tenfold.

The main advantage of web banners is their ability to effectively attract the attention of Internet users. Its different formats, pop-ups, and attractive banners help you drive significant traffic to your website. With a landing page and links automatically redirecting Internet users to your site or your call number, you will quickly gain leads or subscribers thanks to web banners.

An attractive and customizable visual element

Banners are very flexible, customizable, and easily adaptable. You also have the choice between static banners or animated banners depending on the technology you have to make them.

Presented in the form of gifs, videos, or frozen images, advertising banners are visually very attractive. This web marketing support allows you to fully express your creativity. Indeed, you can give free rein to your inspiration to design your banners. You can also opt for very easy-to-use graphic design tools, such as Adobe Creative Cloud. Its interface allows you to easily create a banner design from attractive templates for your website.

An effective tool to convert your potential customers into real customers

In addition to attracting new prospects, the use of web banners also allows you to obtain a high conversion rate from your potential customers, and thus generate better turnover for your business. Online advertising campaigns convert your potential customers into real customers through more targeted and contextualized communication. The banners are displayed to Internet users according to their centers of interest. This audience segmentation allows you to improve the effectiveness of your messages by addressing them to the right people and at the most opportune time.


Web banners exert a great influence on the customer during this pre-purchase phase. In particular, they improve the reputation and notoriety of your company with your target audience.

Affordable and cost-effective marketing support

Web banners are also a fairly affordable web marketing tool. Contextual banners are marketing materials that allow you to reach a larger audience at a lower cost. The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of a web banner is on average €2, which is relatively low compared to other advertising media such as social media, paid search, or traditional advertising. Contextual banners allow you to optimize your company’s marketing budget with less expensive ads that generate higher returns on investment.

In addition, banner ads can be designed easily and at an equally affordable price.

A marketing tool that gives you access to valuable data

Thanks to tools like Google Adwords or Google Analytics, you can analyze the reach of your web marketing campaigns and the behavior of Internet users. This data is important for optimizing the results of your ads and effectively guiding your company’s marketing strategy.