CREATION VAP, THE SPECIALIST IN MATERIALS FOR ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES AND E-LIQUIDS.The electronic cigarette has never been so fashionable as today. Because the dangers caused by tobacco consumption are now well known, more and more consumers are turning to this alternative. The players in the sector compete in inventiveness, such as the Création-Vap boutique. This specialist in electronic cigarette equipment is undoubtedly revolutionizing the vape market.

Custom e-liquid preparation

Création Vap is a new company selling electronic cigarettes and e-liquids that offers innovative offers. His credo? Provide you with customizable and tasty e-cigarette liquids.

Indeed, many vapers complain of ending up with the same flavors in their vapers. Faced with this problem, each specialist in electronic cigarette equipment offers different DIY kits, which allow you to make the taste of your e-cigarette yourself. The process is simple: all you have to do is combine a neutral base with different flavors, nicotine supplements and additives.

If the maneuver turns out to be attractive on paper, it is however difficult to conquer vapers, who do not necessarily have the knowledge and the patience necessary to create the liquid that they like.

In response to this dissatisfaction, Création-Vap offers a tailor-made taste creation service using DIY recipes, designed to satisfy a large number of consumers. Thus, you can discover preparations inspired by cocktails (such as “Bam Sugar” and “Irish Classic”) or fruity blends (such as “Melon Drop” or “Apple Tea”).

In addition, the Création-Vap site offers you a complete personalization service, which allows you to create your liquid in a few clicks before receiving it at home. Very economical, this DIY offer promises to attract a large number of users!

Specialist in equipment for electronic cigarettes: a wide offer

In addition to its juice bar, Création-Vap also offers a wide choice of vaping devices, which are not limited to classic kits. For example, you can find on the site of this virtual store several models of electronic hookahs, as well as disposable cigarettes in many flavors. New to the e-cigarette market, these new anti-tobacco allies are now known as the “puff”. Conquering the vape market

Création-Vap is not the only company to share the vape market. New players offer innovative services by positioning themselves as smart intermediaries. There is no doubt that these clever little guys will soon share a nice slice of the financial cake! Indeed, the electronic cigarette market is growing, thanks to the many innovations that enrich this sector.

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