Will a digital extension of your business be a beneficial initiative? In this digital age, entrepreneurs are following the trend by creating a digital extension of their companies. It is now difficult to remain competitive without resorting to the omnipotence of the internet. However, if the importance of the net is proven, it still remains to shed light on its ins and outs. Indeed, many launches without the necessary information, contenting themselves with “ following the movement ”. For such a beneficial tool, it is wise to anticipate the flip side. And we quickly realize the obvious: on the internet, only a few companies manage to hold the right end. This was to be expected because, in the jungle that the web represents, only the best prepared make it.

So, should we give up the web and devote ourselves only to the good old methods? In the lines to follow, the digital extension and the information helping to make this choice are highlighted.

Business website: what do you need to know?

Creating a website seems to be the prerequisite for maintaining a customer base and finding new prospects. To deal with these issues, the services of SEOs, web analysts, and other experts are called upon. These various interventions aim to maintain the platform at its best level of performance. But before going any further, let’s get to the bottom of the subject.

Paid or free website: which option to choose?

When choosing to create a website, the fateful question arises. What is best for an organization seeking visibility?

Creating a website can be done in two ways:

  • by an expert in coding and computer language;
  • via an online hosting platform.

The first option is paid because it requires the use of an SEO agency like Bew Web Agency or a qualified developer. So unless you have the skills required for this task yourself, you should consider a service fee. On the other hand, the creation of an online site is done in one click without paying a penny. The most famous website builders are:

  • WordPress;
  • Wix ;
  • Shopify;
  • Squarespace;
  • PrestaShop;
  • Webflow, etc.

But unlike paid sites, free sites are not very suitable for a company that wants to grow sustainably. The reasons for this are multiple. The site is hosted for free, but in return, out-of-control advertising strips are multiplying on it.

These annoying phenomena disappoint or annoy the Internet user and lead him to avoid the site. Added to this, the limited storage space is restrictive for content marketing and handicaps the commercial strategy. In addition, the lack of SEO typical of free sites prevents the company from gaining visibility.

So many inconveniences that companies must solve in one go by opting for paid websites. However, free websites are useful for forging the first-user experience. Thus, the entrepreneur gets used to the basic functionalities of a website and comes out with better know-how.

The digital extension of the company: what are the advantages?

The good old method is “good”, but too “old”. At the point we are at with the meteoric evolution of digital technology, it is no longer far from obsolete. This is how the world has evolved so far and you have to make up your mind.

the internet is everywhere and reaches more people than the most perfect physical communication networks. Considering this point, the digital extension of the company brings benefits at various levels.

First, is the audience. The best way to internationalize its products as much as its brand image is to join the web. Thus, one gains influence by means of a virtual presence. Efficient audience management serves many purposes, including:

  • increasing visibility;
  • customer conquest;
  • the growth of e-reputation;
  • winning partnerships and markets;
  • commercial supremacy, etc.

This allows better proximity to the public and, consequently, customer satisfaction. Websites offer themselves as instant communication tool and provide a wide field of rectification. Something to build community loyalty!

But to get to this epilogue, you have to make the right decisions.

Disadvantages of websites: points to watch?

Nothing beats a well-referenced and well-optimized website. To succeed, these criteria are imperative; similarly, their absence is enough to explain many commercial failures.

For the site to keep a good positioning index, SEO errors must be avoided. Otherwise, it is futile to hope for any reversal of the commercial situation. The reliability and relevance of the site, as much as the frequency of activity, absolutely take precedence.

Indeed, search engine crawlers regularly evaluate sites. This is in order to offer better content to Internet users.

In order to overcome these disappointments, the contributions of an expert in digital marketing or SEO are essential. For an effective digital extension over time, the company can recruit a digital expert and make him a member of the staff.

Social media: how are they useful?

The law of cause and effect is also valid on social networks.

Taking advantage of the large audience targeted by social networks is a very popular strategy these days. Free for the most part, they are at the service of businesses and the customer community. Benefiting from a higher quality of reference than that of ordinary websites, they grant a certain advantage of visibility. Among these networks with high potential, we recognize:

  • LinkedIn;
  • Facebook ;
  • Twitter;
  • Instagram;
  • Youtube.

However, it would be wrong to stop at these. Dozens of other socio-professional media, paid or not, offer interesting solutions for economic growth in business. This comparison gives an overview.

To conclude, the use of digital assets makes it possible to enrich the work effort so that it bears fruit. However, the communication policy should be oriented in such a way as to improve the customer relationship. This is important because the main disadvantage of a digital extension relates to dehumanization in favor of automation.