Japanese furniture manufacturer unveils the ultimate (electric) bed for gamers

If you are what we call a gamer the room you are about to discover will probably interest you. And if you are a parent of a gamer, the following piece of furniture will probably make you very angry!A Japanese designer, Bauhutte, also an avid gamer, has invented a special bed for hardcore gamers who can no longer stand the back pain caused by their bad gaming postures. To invent this ultimate gaming bed, he started from the principle that he should always be on top to play, and have food and drink available, without ever leaving his play area! An innovation that is certainly original, but is it really brilliant? We can ask ourselves the question… Discovery!

But what is this strange bed?

This furniture manufacturer is a bit like the Asian IKEA… Little by little, it is making a name for itself thanks to its custom-made furniture intended for those who have a passion for video games. Lately, he invented this ultimate electric gaming bed, created in collaboration with Japanese mattress manufacturer, Nishikawa. This amazing bed comes complete with a tablet holder, desk, raised headboard, and most importantly: a snack holder! The manufacturer explains that this bed has been designed so that the player only has to get up for his natural needs for the moment… Another version with an adjoining toilet is currently in preparation! If technologically, this bed is an indisputable innovation, it risks making players even lazier spending their time in front of their console.

Perfect ergonomics!

If we pass on the fact that it could convince some to spend even more time playing, this bed is a real innovation and a concentration of technology. The player can thus switch the support angle to a maximum of 60° and the leg support to 35°. It can therefore help to avoid bad positions and the pain that could result from it. It also allows, thanks to the addition of a trash can, to be able to dispose of waste quickly and avoid leaving it lying around the bed.

Unlike existing gamer beds, it is equipped with fixed feet and not with wheels… This gives it greater stability and less vibration for the force feedback of a steering wheel, for example. It obviously works thanks to a remote control which allows all the possible settings. A pocket is provided to slip the remote control or the gamepad.