FIND A TRADEMARK LAWYER FOR YOUR COMPANY. A trademark lawyer can advise and support you through the entire filing and monitoring process. Apart from that, he can also provide his expertise in the context of litigation related to counterfeiting and in the management of the reproduction and representation of your brands.

It is an essential partner for the implementation of a brand strategy within a company. But the question you could ask yourself is: how to find a good trademark lawyer?

A specialist, competent and experienced lawyer

Unlike general lawyers, the expert lawyer in trademark law is a specialist lawyer who has extensive experience in trademark advice and litigation.

A professional near you

It is precisely difficult to plan exchanges and meetings with a professional who works far from home and it is not interesting to talk business on the phone. This is why you should favor a lawyer specializing in trademark law or intellectual property law who practices near you.

A renowned lawyer

In addition, you are also advised to contact a reputable lawyer or a trademark lawyer who is recommended to you by a friend or relative. The reason for this is simple because you can only know the reputation or the quality of the services of a lawyer by consulting him. And thanks to the positive feedback from its customers, you can have a kind of guarantee.

A lawyer trainer and adviser

Finally, be aware that a lawyer specializing in trademark law is also able to provide training in this area. This is the case, for example, of the online service provider, which offers the following themes: “Attack on the company on social networks: implementing an appropriate strategy” and “Digital transformation of the company: the lawyer’s toolbox “.

The pro plate: a good way to find your lawyer, but not only!

The other way that can bring you customers is word of mouth. It is the same principle with the opinions that they will post on the internet.

The last thing that can make you known and bring you customers is your visibility from the street. Depending on where you exercise, you will be able to be directly visible. This is the case if your closet door is directly on the sidewalk. In this case, the professional plate on your door or on the facade wall is of interest. Be aware that there are no regulations to speak of. For the material, the most common pro plates are made of brass. For information to appear, put your name, your specialty as a lawyer, your telephone number and if you consult only by appointment or not. It is really important to specify your specialty, because clients like to deal with lawyers who are best able to defend their interests. The legislation being complex, they will contact you more easily if you highlight your specialty.