What is a front-end developer and how to become one?

What is the front-end developer?

A front end developer is a specialist in the field of programming. It is up to him to shape the visual aspect and the interaction of the Internet user with a website. In other words, he is the one who develops everything related to what you see on the website. In accordance with the specifications that will be made available to him, he must be able to set up a site that is visually attractive, easy to use and compatible with any browser.

For this, he must have good computer skills, more specifically in computer programming language and Framework. These include JavaScript, Angular, Bootstrap, node.js, jQuery, css, HTML, etc. the developer can then specialize in one of these languages ​​if he wants. To all this is added some knowledge of browsers in order to better adapt its creations to them.

Knowing that the field of IT is constantly changing, the front-end developer must be attentive to any innovation relating to his profession in order to be always up to date. He will then have to carry out a technological watch on a daily basis. It will also have to comply with standards and regulations, all of which depend on the technology used.

The work of the developer is only limited to the interface visible to the Internet user. Nothing else. This professional therefore does not work on the mechanism of a site. If you want to pursue a career in this field, the ideal is that you follow a front-end developer training in a training center or a specialized school.

How to become a front-end developer?

To become a front end developer, you must necessarily have excellent knowledge of programming languages, including CSS, HTML and JavaScript. This is the first step. Then come the personal qualities. Indeed, a web developer must be creative, because his work is related to the visual. Added to this is an absolute mastery of the different browsers.

Finally, you must have a diploma attesting to the training you have previously received. The diploma of higher technician or the Brevet de Technicien supérieur are the essential diplomas to practice in this field. It’s even better if you have a Master’s degree.

Front-end developer salary

Regarding the salary of the front end developer, it depends on the languages ​​mastered by the individual in question and his professional experience. For information, a front end developer who only does HTML earns around 24,000 euros per year. If this professional also masters JavaScript, his salary can go up to 34,000 euros. By accumulating experience, the latter can reach 50,000 euros net per year.

In short, a web developer is a programming professional who is only interested in the visible interface. To practice this profession, it is necessary to have specific diplomas. Thus, you can hope for a career in a full sector.