HOW DO WRITE A LEGAL ANNOUNCEMENT PROPERLY? The drafting of administrative and legal documents of all kinds is a task that punctuates the life of the company.

Since the legal announcement is not a common document, its drafting meets certain well-defined rules and standards. Here is a practical guide to help you better write your legal announcements.

Take into account the recipients of the announcement

The drafting and publication of the legal notice must be carried out in accordance with the provisions provided for by law. To this end, Law No. 55-4 of January 4, 1955, and the Commercial Code are the reference texts which govern the legal announcement.

According to these laws, the drafting of a legal announcement becomes an obligation on the occasion of the constitution of the company, but also when it experiences major changes. The persons prescribed for the drafting of this legal formality are the representatives of the legal person that constitutes the company or a natural person.

Depending on the case, the legal notice may have different recipients:

  • the Commercial Court;
  • the Commercial Register;
  • tax administration, etc.

It is therefore according to the final recipient that the entrepreneur must direct the drafting of the legal notice to meet the requirements of the recipient service. Once the legal announcement has been drafted, it must be sent to a Journal of Legal Announcements for publication before the announcement is filed with the competent structure.

Respect the appropriate writing style

There are two main styles of legal notice writing: optimized synthetic writing and detailed explicit writing.

In the case of synthetic writing, the writing must be brief and contain as few lines as possible.

For example, the use of “ M. ” instead of “ Monsieur ” in a sentence of the legal notice is allowed. The advantage here is that the reduced number of lines of the advertisement makes it possible to reduce the cost of its publication in the newspaper.

If the writer of the ad has more financial means, he can afford to adopt an explicit and detailed wording. It is, therefore, able to provide more complete information that avoids possible misunderstandings.

This style of writing is more intended for large companies that use it to demonstrate their transparency and professionalism.

Adopt the rules for writing the legal announcement

To be admissible, the legal notice must meet a few well-defined writing rules.

The paragraphs are all surrounded by a space before and after. The same applies to writing subtitle lines.

To make it easier for you to write, you can use writing models available on legal notice newspaper sites.