HOW DO YOU CHOOSE AMONG PORTABLE ULTRASOUNDS FOR PROFESSIONALS? Medicine has always depended on technological innovations to progress. Since time immemorial, certain individuals have therefore worked tirelessly to apply the most recent technologies to the tools used by doctors in particular, and caregivers in general. The idea is always to simplify the work of practitioners and relieve the suffering of patients. So let’s see why portable ultrasound machines for professionals are so important.

What is a portable ultrasound machine?

Health professionals have no question about relying on mediocre equipment to make a diagnosis or provide care. To go against this principle would even constitute a major and characterized violation of the Hippocratic oath.

In radiology, general medicine, gynecology, or anesthesia, the areas requiring a high-performance scanner are numerous.

The advantages of portable ultrasound scanners for professionals

The tool is first designed to respond to the most diverse requests and adapt to all environments. With a robust design, it was designed to last, but also to provide extremely precise data.

With its 15-inch LCD screen, its high density of sensors and its high-frequency linear probe, Sonoscanner’s portable ultrasound scanner is undoubtedly one of the most efficient on the market in terms of transmitting information. Linear, convex, endocavitary, or sectoral, the choice is yours according to your particular needs.

Easy patient reporting

Beyond the image quality and mobility offered by portable ultrasound scanners for Sonoscanner professionals, what practitioners appreciate about the tool is also its ability to facilitate patient reporting. Indeed, this type of versatile ultrasound scanner can, for example, allow you to print automated reports directly on medical paper, personalized with your logo and address.