HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT INSURANCE WHEN ONE IS SELF-ENTREPRENEUR? Are you self-employed? It is essential to choose a good insurance to cover the possible risks related to your activity, your establishment and your professional equipment.

The different guarantees of a good auto-entrepreneur insurance

Micro-entrepreneurs can take out personal insurance. In particular, this makes it possible to protect against accidents at work and to benefit from solutions for provident insurance, retirement, loss of employment, etc. This reputable company offers various types of insurance: auto, home, health, life and leisure.

Depending on your sector of employment, you may be required to insure your activity. This approach concerns both products and services. Indeed, a self-employed person is responsible for the services he provides, but also for the advice he gives to his clients. During the accomplishment of these missions, he may inadvertently cause damage to the goods he sells, repairs or installs. It is therefore essential that your insurance has guarantees adapted to your professional activity. Indeed, an electrician does not have the same insurance needs as a web editor.

Some guarantees relate to risks relating to specific activities. This is the case of the ten-year guarantee for manufacturers or the transport of goods under regulated temperature. The 2014 law relating to crafts, trade and VSEs requires self-employed entrepreneurs to indicate on each of their invoices and on their quotes the contact details of the insurer, as well as the geographical coverage linked to the contract.

The benefits of self-employed insurance

Depending on the type of activity, the self-employed are not obliged to take out insurance. However, it is recommended to contact an insurer to set up a “financial shield” adapted to your profession. Remember that a self-employed person is solely responsible for his actions. If he happens to cause damage to a third party or a claim, without insurance, he is obliged to bear the cost of compensation and repairs. To work with peace of mind, choosing the right insurance is therefore essential!

Liability insurance for professionals

Professional liability insurance is compulsory for certain activities and recommended for all self-employed people. It offers optimal coverage for the provision of services and the sale of products that prove to be defective.

Liability insurance is a protection for the cash flow of your self-employed business. In the event of a dispute, it avoids financial losses which can sometimes lead to a cessation of activity and personal difficulties, in the long term.

If the status of self-entrepreneur is attracting more and more people to embark on a new professional adventure, it is important to choose good insurance for your activity when choosing this path. It is an effective protection against the vagaries of everyday life, which will undoubtedly serve you in the future!