HOW TO FIND ROOFING SITES? Publicizing your roofing company can sometimes be complex. A roofer must both focus on his construction sites, but also on the commercial development of his company. Therefore, one may wonder how to find roofing sites? Let’s go around the question.

Why look for roofing contractors?

Even if your business is good right now, it’s still important to focus some of your time on the business development of your business.

A roofing professional must take care of his communication and look for new customers . In particular, this can happen through:

  1. The development of its communication,
  2. Setting up a network,
  3. Buying qualified leads.

Let’s figure out together how to find customers for a roofing company.

Create a website for a roofing company

The Internet is an interesting source for finding job sites. It is important that your roofing company has a website that is visible on search engines. For example, a roofer in Hauts-de-Seine who appears when you type roofer 92 on Google will have a chance of finding customers through his website. Outside of your roofing business website, also consider (if possible) taking care of:

  • Your presence on social networks (Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.),
  • Your roofing company’s Google My Business listing (especially customer reviews),
  • The various online reviews that your customers are likely to post about you.

Always encourage your satisfied customers to leave a review online, especially on Google (via your Google My Business account). Most customers rely on reviews to form their opinion.

Find a network of prescribers for your roofing company

Thereafter, you should know that different people can advise your company to their network. Creating a local network is ideal for developing the activity of a roofing company.

Individual prescribers

Your customers are your best prescribers. Do not hesitate to leave them business cards or encourage them to tell their loved ones about you . A satisfied customer can bring you many more, because we all know someone who needs to redo their roof or carry out the maintenance of a cover.

Real estate agencies

Do not hesitate to get closer to real estate agents or local agencies. Once again, construction companies are highly sought after by some property buyers. A real estate agent is always able to advise craftsmen, he who is in the front line of any real estate acquisition with work.

Construction companies

Do not hesitate to contact architects or general building companies . Many building specialists are looking for roofers, either to advise their clients, or to have them work as a subcontractor. Having the first subcontracting sites can allow you to gain experience and easily multiply the sites.

DIY stores

Finally, do not hesitate to get closer to DIY stores and tile and roofing stores to publicize your activity. It is not uncommon for supply companies to be interested in roofers. They can indeed recommend them to their clients, many of whom are looking for professionals.

The purchase of roofing leads

Finally, it should be noted that some websites offer roofers the opportunity to buy qualified contacts. There are different players in this sector. Our advice on the matter? Better to be able to generate your own contacts, thanks to your network, your communication and your website . Customers who are specifically looking for you will be more likely to sign up than customers who don’t know you from Eve or Adam.

Nevertheless, contact buying can be a good way to find first customers, and therefore to have first roofing sites that will serve as a showcase for the next clientele.

The importance of working on the pitch of a roofing company

In conclusion, don’t forget to think carefully about your sales pitch when finding clients. A roofer who pays attention to his commercial arguments will sign more construction sites than another .

Always remember to mention:

  • Your skills, training and years of experience,
  • Your ten-year insurance and your guarantees,
  • The last projects carried out,
  • Your availability and your speed of intervention.

The more roofing jobs you have won, the easier it will be to find new clients. It’s that simple !

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