HOW TO IMPROVE INTERNAL COHESION IN THE COMPANY? Any company manages to function and achieve its objectives thanks to the daily effort of its employees. When human resources work in a pleasant and friendly environment, the results can only be good. This article offers three tips to help you improve the internal cohesion of your company.

Improve the internal social climate of your company

Whatever the size of your company, you must ensure the quality of the social climate that reigns there. Social climate generally refers to the human and social health of your company’s human resources. The atmosphere, the atmosphere, the feelings, the environment, the quality of the different interactions, the working conditions are factors that qualify the social climate of a company.

A company is a social entity made up of several people who interact with each other. To improve this interaction, it is important to strengthen the social link. One of the practical ways to strengthen the social bond of human resources in a company is the organization of recreational games for all staff. Thus football, basketball, board games and many other teams can be formed for internal competitions. You can make a trophy purchase for example to reward your teams during these team building.

Participating in social works together will also bring employees closer to each other. Such an activity practiced in a group with work colleagues in a good-natured atmosphere contributes enormously to strengthening social ties.

Establish an atmosphere of trust and respect

No project, no business can truly thrive in an environment of mistrust. Any human enterprise needs trust capital to prosper. To improve the cohesion of your team, it will be necessary to offer a working environment where employees will feel confident with each other.

To achieve this, it will be necessary to treat all employees with fairness and equity in order to avoid any situation that can generate unnecessary frustrations which are often the source of conflicts. Poor conflict management can cause discomfort, which will affect the quality of working life in the company.

The other factor to consider in building trust in a company is communication. It will be necessary to allow everyone to express themselves easily without constraint, to make proposals if necessary. Questionnaires to be completed, for example, on specific questions aimed at improving the working conditions of employees are a good initiative to put in place regularly. Ongoing and effective communication within the company will make it possible to anticipate conflicts and resolve them in time.

Set up an internal recognition system

The company must be able to have a system to recognize the merits and prowess of its employees. This helps to create a sense of belonging and motivation, and to create a healthy competition aimed at pushing employees towards good productivity. A trophy cup, for example, can be awarded to the best employee of the year. The responsibility will fall to the human resources department to find the appropriate means to use to encourage staff.

Ultimately, it is important to put internal cohesion on the list of priority objectives for any company. Whatever the current state of the company’s social climate, improvements are still possible for optimal internal cohesion.

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