On the decorative side, your interior is a little cold and you would like a little more warmth? Creating a cozy and warm interior is therefore the remedy for creating a calm, serene and comforting atmosphere. Plaids and rugs are one of the tips for adopting this more cocooning spirit. The goal? Bring decorative elements or furnishings that provide more conviviality and well-being. A universe that all homebodies will undoubtedly appreciate. Here are some tips to achieve this.

The colors of a cozy interior

In a cozy interior, the colors remain neutral, dominated by light shades. White, off-white, light brown, beige or light gray tones are to be preferred, especially for wall coverings. Too flashy or garish colors are prohibited: we want softness rather than aggressive colors.

The recipe for a cozy interior is therefore to subtly combine these light colors with additions, by small touches, of warmer elements. This can be done with small colored decorations in mustard yellow, terracotta, dark green, mauve or deep blue. The warm aspect will also be embedded in materials such as textiles (curtains, cushions, etc.) and wood, on the floor and for the furniture.

Plaids, cushions…the secret of a cocooning interior

What would a cozy living room be without its throws? A little like the Scandinavian style and the hygge trend, they accumulate here and there, in the living room. During the day, they are placed in their basket or folded on the sofa and the armchair, but are out as soon as the cooler days of winter point the tip of their nose. They are also a decorative object in their own right, and will bring a soft side.

Overall, all bed linens and textiles are a source of inspiration for professional and amateur decorators. Decorative cushions, plaids, linen curtains, bedding sets…choose them thick and soft for maximum comfort.

One cozy rug, the other essential

Does your living room seem a bit empty and dull? Adopt a large carpet with long and soft hairs to warm up the atmosphere! In the living room it spreads out perfectly under the coffee table and in front of the sofa for more cocooning and provides a pleasant sensation on contact with the feet. In the bedroom, we like it at the end of the bed to dress the room warmly. If you are unsure about the carpet model, look at Berber carpets, with traditional ethnic patterns, which give a bohemian chic atmosphere.

Wooden furniture: larger than life!

For furniture, nothing like solid wood furniture to give the impression of an authentic and warm decoration. Check models here at Homary store! Wood has this ability to invite nature into a home. This is why it is so used in Scandinavian furnishings. Here we prefer European species such as beech or oak, with colorless finishes that keep the natural look of the wood as closely as possible.

A cozy dining room can be organized around a large oak wood table with fabric chairs or armchairs for a cozy feel.

In a cozy adult bedroom, the solid wood bed is all the rage. Adorned with a headboard and decorated with a beautiful bed set, it creates a comfortable and cocooning setting in the room.

Green the space

Still in this search for nature, we do not skimp on indoor plants and flowers. They give more character to your interior. Green plants, in particular, which breathe a breathable, graceful and friendly atmosphere. They will take on more scale, combined with pretty cache-pots, or installed in suspension. Ferns, Monstera, Ficus…and other green plants will be allies of choice for a cozy interior. Just like small cacti, succulents and succulents, which require little maintenance and serve as beautiful decorations in a living room.

Dim lights!

Light is fundamental for any type of decorative style. In a cozy interior, we seek to install an intimate atmosphere. Rather than too intense lighting, it is better to spread the light through several fixtures here and there in the dining room or living room. Floor lamps and small table lamps will be of great help to bring this much sought-after soft light. Garlands will also be appreciated for the diffusion of a subdued atmosphere.

A cozy sofa and comforting seats!

A cozy interior is also materialized by comfortable and soft seats. Here, the preference goes to fabric coverings rather than leather, as they provide softness and comfort.

The sofa, often the central piece of a living room, straight or angled, will be the number 1 asset of a warm universe. It is in this furniture that we rest after a day’s work to read a book, chat with friends and watch a good movie.

Living room armchairs also find their place, next to the sofa, near the fireplace or the library to highlight a relaxation and reading area.

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