How to set up the dematerialized payslip? All the steps related to the design of a payslip represent repetitive tasks that have a significant impact on the productivity of the company. Aware of the various losses due to the repetition of this work and the complications that can arise, many entities are opting for the electronic payslip. But, how to implement this solution?

Dematerialize your payslips, and for what reason?

In order to reduce the costs of the company and follow the progress of new technologies, opting for the dematerialization of payslips seems to be the best solution. Indeed, this alternative is proving its effectiveness, because the company is able to achieve 33 to 67% savings.

The Human Resources department remains the most affected by dematerialization. With a system that meets their expectations, managers see financial and administrative management improve. The integration of an electronic safe for payslips is part of the sustainable development approach for an entity.

Is the creation of a payslip in digital format regulated by law?

Before you start setting up a digital payslip, you should know that the issuance of this type of document must meet certain standards. The human resources department in charge of payroll must also take care of verifying each piece of information contained in the payslip. In addition, the data included in the bulletin must be confidential.

Steps for setting up an electronic payslip

Authorized in 2009, the dematerialization of payslips is a procedure that has received the agreement and validation of employees.


Dematerialization is one of the changes that represent a major challenge for companies. As you know, the use of new technologies requires personal data protection solutions. All of the employees’ digital data is added to the software, hence the importance of following strict steps. To avoid problems when adding this data, you can call on a professional in the field to help you set up an electronic safe for your employees’ payslips.

Respect for data confidentiality

Unlike a standard payslip, the one in electronic format is available at all times to help managers.

Linking the payslip with the CPA

Every employer must allow his employees to have access to his payslip. To do this, the pay slip electronic safe expert must associate this document with the employee’s personal activity account.