Hub One: the expert in corporate cybersecurity. A subsidiary of the ADP group (formerly Aéroports de Paris), the digital technology operator Hub One offers companies a complete range of telecom solutions: Broadband (private 4G scalable to 5G), telephony over IP, voice and data convergence, nomadism, traceability, and geolocation.

Created in 2001 under the aegis of the ADP group, Hub One is a French specialist in digital technologies for companies. It accompanies them on a daily basis to meet their needs for connectivity, mobility, and productivity.

Thanks to its mastery of professional radio technologies, Hub One supports companies on a daily basis in securing their communication. And this, whatever their sector of activity.

corporate cybersecurity

The first field of action for the operator concerns training. If technical solutions constitute the first rampart against cyber threats, the human factor constitutes a pillar in its own right of IT security. That’s why Hub One offers nearly 40 cybersecurity training and awareness programs. All employees of a company can thus understand the specificities of cyberattacks to better protect themselves against them.

According to Hub One, we are all concerned and all actors in terms of IT security. Training does facilitate adherence to good practices, but it has its limits. Other educational means are a perfect complement to traditional programs, such as cyber-training.

Make way for the third area of ​​action: advice. Before strengthening their IT security arsenal, companies must first ask themselves the right questions. What cyber threats do they face? It is therefore wise to take the time to inform yourself before opting for the best defense strategy.

Hub One provides advice and expertise at each stage of an IT security project. A length of view made possible by its status as a cybersecurity integrator. Hub One has a perfect knowledge of IT ecosystems allowing it to analyze the environment of a company as a whole (issues, needs, existing infrastructures, etc.). In fact, the operator is able to provide tailor-made solutions.

These audits can take several forms: intrusion tests (pentest), Red Team intrusion tests, exposure tests, DDoS tests, and Robustness tests…