The materials to favor your laptop case. The material with which your laptop sleeve is made plays an important role in its quality. Its resistance and its ability to absorb shocks largely depend on the material with which it is made.


Neoprene is one of the materials that is often used for the manufacture of a laptop house. It protects against the penetration of water and other particles that can degrade the condition of your device.

This material is a resistant barrier to fuels and fatty substances. It even has the ability to protect against temperature and heat variations. A neoprene coating protects your computer from weather, chemical exposure, and UV rays.


A piece of polyester fabric has increased resistance and preserves its shine over time. It has the advantage of not wrinkling, which makes your laptop case look great, whatever the circumstances.

The leather

Leather is a natural material that we appreciate for its aesthetics and the elegance it exudes. It is naturally waterproof and does not retain water when properly treated. It is resistant and breathable at the same time. Hence its integration into the design of a laptop sleeve. It automatically regulates the inside temperature of the case when it’s hot and ensures that the outside temperature doesn’t bleed onto your device.

In addition to the pleasant touch it provides, the leather also displays a good degree of shock distribution. This way, even if your device were to fall or bump into each other, it remains intact. However, this resistance is valid up to a certain degree of shock and fall. In any case, it is able to protect your computer when you use it on a daily basis.

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