LAST-MILE LOGISTICS AN ECONOMIC AND ECOLOGICAL CHALLENGE. Today, delivery has become an essential component of our lifestyles. But why is last-mile logistics an economic challenge? Answers.

The high cost of the last mile

While e-commerce is increasing the flow of carriers on the road in the center of our cities, ecological issues and the need to clean the air force us, on the contrary, to reduce the number of vehicles on the streets.

Last-mile logistics and customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has always been a priority for businesses of all kinds. But with the increase in business opportunities, the availability of low-cost resources thanks to the development of maritime flows, or the rapid expansion of e-commerce, competition has increased, and this is in almost all areas.

The logistics solutions of the future

To unclog cities and promote new ways of delivering, some companies like Urby are on the front line. This expert in connected urban logistics immediately understood that the salvation of large cities will necessarily go through pooling.

To ensure last-mile logistics, the solutions offered here are diverse. Urby is also active in the field of delivery by cargo bike in the hyper center as in the collection of professional packaging or even in self-storage. Whether you are a business or an individual, sending professional parcels according to Urby certainly has something to offer you!