Leeto platform: the all-in-one software to save time in managing your CSE

Leeto platform: the all-in-one software to save time in managing your CSE. Indeed, competition, driven by the availability offered by globalization and the development of e-commerce, is only increasing in most sectors. And for that, it is important to understand that the management of your CSE must be a priority. Here’s how to optimize it with the Leeto platform.

The management of a CSE and its necessities

In any company with more than 11 employees, it is mandatory to set up a CSE.

The CSE must indeed also be a place of social dialogue, which can allow everyone to express themselves. Better still, it must provide clear answers to specific questions, particularly in legal matters. Finally, the management of a CSE, to be consistent and effective, must also facilitate the use of the benefits offered to employees.

Versatile software for managing your CSE

With Leeto, you can offer your employees all kinds of benefits easily, by offering a wide range of choices. The teams in charge of managing the SCE will be able to use the platform for faster monitoring of budgets, reimbursements, and other accounting actions. But that’s not all.

Leeto is also a space of communication which makes it possible to inform, federate or mobilize.

A tool at the service of the satisfaction of your employees

For a company, the management of its CSE is both a necessity and an opportunity. CSE elected representatives represent a strong link between managers and employees, so they must be able to rely on tools that are both efficient and easy to use. With Leeto, you can finally develop the social policy that suits you, extend your ability to support your employees, and therefore make them happier.