How to clean the microphone of your iPhone. Phones often have a few problems here and there. If it’s not the battery that heats up or drains easily, it’s the processor that’s crashing or the download is slow. In other cases, it is the accessories that are acting up. Or it is the earpiece or the microphone that grays out and spoils the sound. If we quote only for iPhone users, the microphone does not work. And yet, it is enough to clean the microphone of your iPhone to avoid this inconvenience. But how to proceed?

What kind of problem can you have with the microphone on your iPhone?

Surveys show that one of the most common problems with the iPhone 6 is the microphone. The latter can work well when you simply want to make voice memos for example. However, the sound quality is not as clear as to when making calls. Activating the loudspeaker or hands-free mode will not change the sound problem in any way. And now we decide to call an Apple technician or buy another one. It is true that these are the fastest solutions, but expensive. You can try to see for yourself where exactly the problem is.

Some Tricks That Can Help Recover iPhone Sound Quality

The first trick that you can try is to clean the microphone of your iPhone from the microphone hole. You can use a pin to remove the debris, inadvertently being in the microphone. You still have to be very careful not to damage the phone, and thus cause a new problem. In some cases, this simple little gesture can help recover the sound quality of the phone. Note that this action must be done by turning off your iPhone. Then you can activate an iPhone.

You can quickly see the difference as soon as you make a call, or by making a voice recording. However, if no sound improvement has been made, it is best to disconnect the add-ons that are plugged into the headphone jack. You may also discover some dust on the cover or under your screen protector. These can very easily disturb the microphone of the iPhone. Therefore, it is important to remove them well and to clean them well for the greatest good of the phone. It is true that it is well protected, but this can also lead to various small complications.

Make technical adjustments to clean your iPhone’s microphone

If the dusting to clean the microphone of your iPhone has not been satisfactory, then you have to make some adjustments. We must first clean the metal side that covers the microphone. Be very careful not to damage this part of the phone. If, for example, the rubber tab has come off, it must then be put back in its place. On the other hand, if you don’t really like troubleshooting the phone, it would be better to buy a new one. Of course, having a new iPhone is an excellent solution, if you have the means! Because the price of the latter is not within everyone’s reach, which is why some buy refurbished ones.

Indeed, you can easily find original models like the refurbished iPhone X and XS max on the web. In some cases, you can find a quality product there, or even certified by Apple. Indeed, before selling these Smartphones on the market, the suppliers normally carry out checks and tests. These phones are then refurbished before they are launched on the internet. Seeing the tempting prices on the various sales sites, we often want to have one quickly. But you still have to do the checks beforehand to avoid being fooled. However, there is nothing better than going directly to a specialized store, where advisers can listen to your needs and provide the device that meets your expectations.

Sometimes a little cleaning can improve the sound quality of an iPhone. You can also update the system. If all these tips do not work, then it is best to see a specialist.