Despite the benefits of employee status, working as such can be really stressful. In the same way, it is neither easy nor obvious to be an entrepreneur or a consultant with your own structure. In order to make the task easier, both for employees and for the self-employed, a new form of employment has emerged in the labor code: it is wage portage. Why do you have to choose it? That’s what you’ll find out in this article.

To take advantage of employee status

Wage portage is a type of contract that connects three different parties: the portage company, the clients, and the consultant. It allows you to enjoy the status of an employee by being self-employed. An umbrella company is both a service provider and an employer. It employs a qualified professional who wants to be independent and autonomous, whom it makes available to clients.

The professional in wage portage despite his independence has an employee status, and he benefits from all the advantages of an employee. Thus, the benefits from the general social security system, pension contributions, unemployment insurance, paid holidays, collective company mutual insurance, and provident insurance.

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To better manage your time

The supported employee is a professional who benefits from flexibility in the management of his time. This is an advantage that other conventional employees do not enjoy, because of the well-defined work schedules. Being limited, they do not have enough time to devote to their hobbies and their families.

This is not the case if you benefit from the status of the carried employee. Here, you enjoy the advantages of employee status while avoiding the disadvantages of that of entrepreneur, because everything related to administrative management is provided by the portage company.

Your only responsibility is to focus on growing your business and accomplishing your missions. You are then free to manage your schedule as you wish and to arrange time slots for your secondary activities, your hobbies, etc.

For easy access to credit

Like any employee, the independent consultant also benefits from a payslip. The latter constitutes a guarantee of financial stability for banks and other financial institutions. In addition, with the status of employee enjoyed by the employee in wage portage, microfinance institutions have the assurance of regaining possession of their funds even if there was a work stoppage.

The carried thus has the possibility of obtaining loans, whether it is in CDD or CDI contract. The portage company makes sure to invoice the fees corresponding to the services rendered to the customers and to establish a payslip, which makes it possible to honor the commitments with the financial institutions.

To be an independent consultant

When you join a wage portage company, you escape the constraints of creating and managing a business. Everything related to administrative procedures and tasks, the commitment of personal assets, lack of visibility, and risks of isolation do not concern you either.

Similarly, as a consultant, you no longer have to worry about finding customers or managing said customers. All this is provided by the wage portage company. In addition to these details, portage companies like Rhapsody are responsible for offering you clients and giving you missions.

You are free to choose among the proposals that you negotiate on your terms, independently of the company. This way of doing things allows you to be fully responsible. You are less stressed and less frustrated compared to consultants or business owners who manage everything themselves.

To benefit from various support and training

Being self-employed does not exempt you from various teachings. Like any good employee, the supported employee can benefit from continuous training. He must take targeted training that will help improve his knowledge, his expertise, and his turnover. As an employee of an umbrella company, you can also benefit from additional business development services.

With wage portage companies, you have the possibility of integrating networks of consultants, relational platforms, etc. You can also apply for and obtain admission to the SEO of large companies and SMEs. Wage portage thus takes into account a whole range of support to allow you to access new opportunities in your sector of activity.

Ultimately, wage portage offers many advantages. In addition to benefiting from the status of the employee, you are independent and have complete freedom in the management of your time, as long as you manage to carry out the tasks for which you are responsible.