POWER BI TRAINING: PREPARING FOR THE PL-300 EXAM. In today’s Big Data world, all connected objects provide a large amount of information to analyze, regardless of the sector. These data are crucial in choosing a good strategy. Considered a must-have tool, Microsoft Power BI is one of the best data analysis solutions. It is a great help in sorting the information collected and in exploiting it. Focus on Power BI training to be able to prepare for the PL-300 exam.

About Microsoft Power BI

Also called Business Intelligence, Business Intelligence refers to the conversion of actionable data called insights. These data are usually used to defend strategic choices in a company. After processing, they are put in the form of graphs, diagrams and reports. To be able to use it, you have to learn how to transform a dataset through Power BI training.

Power BI is one of the most powerful Business Intelligence software. Thanks to this tool, you can aggregate and visualize your data. It provides you with a dashboard and analyzes to facilitate sharing between your collaborators. You can also find other applications on Microsoft Power BI. The connectors that make it up are used to standardize data from various sources and make them usable.

Many professionals use this data analysis software for its great versatility. All the different hierarchies in a company including designers, administrators, accountants, developers and others can use this platform.

The Power BI platform can work with software like Excel and Office. With controlled access, data is highly secure and closely monitored. Only authorized persons can access it.

Power BI training

During the Power BI training, you will learn useful practices for modeling, visualizing and analyzing data. You will learn to identify and analyze data from several relational and non-relational sources.

You will learn how to manage and deploy reports and set up dashboards for easy distribution. The trainers will see with you how to create paginated reports with Power BI so that you know how to distribute them to your own workspace and to integrate them.

Based on the activities of a Data Analyst, this training allows you to prepare for the PL-300 exam. If you pass it, you will earn a Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification.

Ability to get data

Data preparation accounts for 15-20% of the exam content. The candidate will be tested on his ability to collect data from different sources. His way of configuring them and connecting them to other information will also be taken into account. All these steps are essential to perform a quality analysis.

Ability to create a data model

About 30 to 35% of the exam, the ability to model data and develop it will be validated. You must prove that you are able to design calculation models with DAX which is the most used programming language in Microsoft Power BI. Your way of optimizing the model created by you will also be noted.

Ability to analyze data

In this third part of the exam which is 25 to 30%, you will confirm your expertise by creating reports and some dashboards to provide a visual aspect to the analyzed data. In this step, you must be able to prove that you have the know-how to develop these reports so that they are easy to use by other collaborators. Knowing how to identify trending patterns on Microsoft Power BI is also important to pass the exam.

What job after Power BI training?

With a PL-300 certificate from Microsoft, you can work as a data analyst. Your mission will be to optimize the value of this data using Power BI. Technical experts, data analysts design and create scalable data models. They clean them and transform them. With their expertise, they are able to analyze this data while bringing great added value within the company. To explain their analysis, they use data visualization.

Many companies and recruiters are looking for someone with the Microsoft Power BI Analyst Associate designation. The examination validates significant expertise in the handling of this tool.