PROFESSIONAL VACUUM MACHINE: 5 TIPS TO FIND THE BEST. A vacuum sealer is used to vacuum seal foods to ensure their preservation. The vacuum machine is also used to protect food and guarantees better preservation over time. It is also possible to use vacuum packing for household or industrial products. Catering professionals still use the vacuum machine to carry out special cooking. So here is a multifunctional piece of equipment that you must have on hand at all costs. But how do you find the best vacuum sealer?

Opt for a chamber machine if you want to vacuum seal both solid and liquid foods

What you should already know to get started is that two types of vacuum sealers are available to you. On one side are the external vacuum machines and on the other are the bell machines. External suction machines have a motor and embossed bags are the best for them. Note that it is not possible to vacuum liquids using an external vacuum machine. As for bell machines, they also have a motor, but the power of the latter is increased tenfold. Above all, bell machines can ensure the vacuum sealing of any food, whether solid or liquid. Finally, it should be remembered that a bell machine requires the use of smooth bags.

What are the elements to consider when choosing your bell machine?

To make the right choice for your vacuum chamber machine, you must take into account the sizes of the products to be vacuum sealed, but not only. Also consider the sizes of the bags. We would advise you to opt for a stainless steel coating, a guarantee of longevity. Finally, make sure that the sealing bar is removable so that you have no difficulty in maintaining your machine. To make an informed choice, go to, the n°1 site for comparisons, guides and advice for choosing the right professional equipment at the best price!

Which power should you choose for your professional vacuum sealer?

The power of a vacuum machine is expressed in Watts. You must bear in mind that this power greatly depends on the performance of the motor of the device and that of its sealing bar. If the power of your sous vide machine is not high enough, then it will perform the tasks sluggishly. It is recommended not to choose a model whose power is less than 130 watts.

Which bag to associate with your vacuum packing machine?

We have already discussed it above, but we must repeat it to you. Use waffle bags for a vacuum machine and smooth bags for a bell machine. In addition, be careful to choose a bag that is suitable for the products you plan to pack.