PS5: the question of storage space

PS5 the question of storage space Unlike the PS4, Sony’s PlayStation 5 stands out with new games, 4k video captures, and many other new features. However, even with its 825 GB of free space, its main drawback remains the lack of storage capacity. Find out how to properly respond to this problem.

A hard drive yes, but a compatible hard drive

On the PS4 you were used to transferring your games to an external hard drive and continuing to play them. However, when it was released, SONY did not offer this alternative for PS5 games. Fortunately, thanks to an update dated April 2021, the PS5 offers new storage options. From then on, you have the possibility of transferring your games to external storage space. However, choosing a PS5-compatible hard drive will still not allow you to access and play your PS5 games directly. You will then have to transfer your data to the internal memory of your PS5 before you can play it. Remember that your hard drive must meet a number of criteria because your console is not compatible with all devices.

On the one hand, your SSD must be between 250 GB and 8 TB in capacity. On the other hand, it must be a USB SuperSpeed ​​5 Gbps model or later. If your hard drive meets these two main conditions, then it is compatible with your PS5 and you will be able to store your PS5 games as well as your PS4 games on it. You will also be able to access and play your PS4 games directly.

Install a second internal hard drive on your PS5

One of the alternatives to effectively answer the PS5 storage space issue is the installation of a second internal SSD drive. This is by far the most intimidating tip for many people, especially those who are inexperienced in tinkering with their devices due to the complexity of the operation. It will indeed be a question of opening your console, installing the new internal disk, and closing it. Be careful not to damage your disk or even your console. You should choose an M.2 SSD that meets a number of criteria to check. This alternative will allow you to benefit from more storage space. However, this is a relatively time-consuming process and M.2 SSDs can be expensive.

Maximize your storage space

Many tips can help you optimize your storage space. You can very well access your PS4 games on internal storage. So prioritize PS5 games on the internal storage of your PS5 console and only keep those you play regularly. Copy your saves to the cloud or USB extended storage.

Video captures can consume a lot of space. So regularly clean up your video captures. Also, remember to deactivate the automatic video recording function with each new trophy unlocked. Be careful with your storage space to avoid saturating your console. Here are some tips in a few lines to answer the question of the storage space of your PS5. You now have all the cards in hand.