Property Management Software Recommendations for Landlords

Whatever the size of your real estate assets, there are many real estate management software that could help you on a daily basis, in particular, to facilitate tasks related to rental management.

What are the main advantages of this property management software?

They have advantages for the maintenance of your properties, help you simplify the choice of tenants, take advantage of online payments, simplify your contact methods or help you with the marketing side of property management. And these are just a few examples of their many benefits!

Some software to discover if you are an owner


To estimate your house on this site, there is nothing simpler! A valuable tool to assist you in your calculations, whether for the sale, purchase, or rental of a property.

2. Buildium

This software, therefore, offers a complete service, allowing you to remotely control all of your properties and your management activity – in particular by taking advantage of an automatic rental collection managed online, among other options.


This software has the advantage of being available free of charge to landlords since its use and the options it offers will be paid for by tenants.

4. App Folio

This platform is aimed at property owners, who have large rental portfolios. However, it offers many features, some of which could help you in the development of your business, while allowing you to gain inefficiency. It also has its own dedicated app.

5. Propertyware

It has a very practical mobile application so you can use it at any time, from your smartphone. Options that make it one of the most popular tools for large owners.

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