Risk of Rain 2 Beginner’s Guide to the Start and Levels


In Risk of Rain 2, players need to make their way through levels, battle a large number of monsters, unlock new loot, and finally find a way to escape the planet. The following is a guide for beginners. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Games start

After playing Risk of Rain 2, it is recommended to read the encyclopedia first. The encyclopedia is already very comprehensive. Open the interface, you only have one character to play, Commander. It is recommended that newbies use Commander to clear the Drizzle Mode once. The default is rainstorm mode, remember to change it!

Drizzle is green (easy)

Heavy rain is brown (normal)

Monsoon is red (difficult)

Look at the icon to know what it means

On the far right is the artifact, which the novice has not unlocked for the time being

In the game Risk of Rain 2 players usually reach the sixth level. In the seventh level, a sky blue portal will appear in the chat box of the game. After you kill the BOOS of this level, you can choose to enter the sky blue portal, enter the next level, or, enter the sky blue portal, and you will come to the time of breaking. Keep jumping, jumping, jumping, and come to the stone monument, you can choose to obliterate yourself, this is the customs clearance.

Of course, if you stray into the broken time, or just come in to have a look, and don’t want to die, you can go out. The first play-through unlocks a new character Juggernaut.

Game progress

I will explain the hidden features of each map

The game Risk of Rain 2 is divided into five levels and a loop

Each level has two maps for randomization and a fixed map for the fifth level

There are nine maps in total, and each of the first eight maps has two types of grounds.

There are several types of grounds on the ninth map.

The first level of Plains or Titan’s Dwelling

BOOS are generally stone people, jellyfish, beetles


It’s my least favorite BOOS in Risk of Rain 2 first he is in heaven

Secondly, his blood volume is lower than a certain value, and he will enlarge the move, the range is very large, the damage is very high, and it is easy to be seconds without full blood. His little skill is a small ball that shoots at you, but can break, hit him, and suggest using Juggernaut’s shift to kill him, knocking him to the ground, or rub him against a wall. And even if his ultimate move is within range, hiding behind cover can be avoided

Drop death has a chance to drop the ring of creation

stone man

‌In the game Risk of Rain 2 this BOOS is stupid and super simple, just stick it on her face and play, but it’s not easy to play remotely. Pay attention to avoid his knock-up, the knock-up damage is not high.

His second skill is a dynamic light wave, which has high damage. If there is no cover, he will chase after you and shoot, and he will not be able to escape. So face pedicure, crotch output. Much simpler than Dark Souls.

Drop death has a chance to drop golden equipment Giant bulge


I think the simplest BOOS Risk of Rain 2, there is nothing to say.

Drop death has a chance to drop beetle’s gland sac‌ (it seems to be called this

Personally like the ring of creation, who knows who uses it

The first level has nothing to hide

What is the use of equipment? Look at the encyclopedia, it is very clear.

As for BOOS, if the artifact is turned on, it will be said otherwise, there may be other

And all the monsters in the back may become BOOS

The second level of wetlands or deserts

Kettle Monster

In the game Risk of Rain 2, the kettle monster’s ultimate move is to suck blood and eat all the life around him to restore blood.

When you zoom in, you can’t move, increase defense, or restore blood.

Big moves are not great, small skills are great

The small skill is a rolling ball that does high damage and chases people.

There are no special drops

Hidden place

The hiding place in the desert is inside that door.

How to open

In the game Risk of Rain 2, the desert map has two brown buttons on the ground, press them at the same time (so generally requires teammates to cooperate), and the chat box shows that the ancient door has been opened

At this time, you can go in. There are two elite monsters in it. If you kill them, you will drop two fixed green pieces of equipment. At the same time, you will unlock an achievement.

The wetland is on the edge of the cliff. Looking down from the edge of the cliff, you can see a branch sticking out, where can you jump down, enter a cave, and keep going inside, there is something inside that can be crushed and hit. After crushing. Also unlocks an achievement

Some people say that the hidden place in the desert can be entered by the huntress by shift, but I haven’t entered it anyway.

The engineer can also enter alone, and it is also effective to put the turret and press the switch. Mom doesn’t have to worry about me having any friends anymore.

3rd Buking Island or Snow

In Risk of Rain 2 BOOS adds a little devil forest guardian magma worm based on the previous one

‌Little Demon skill moves and throws thorns on the ground at the same time

‌It will slow down and take damage if it hits the ground spikes

‌‌The second skill, Incompetent Fury‌, frantically smashes the ground to cause damage, usually used in conjunction with displacement, moves to your side, and hammers the ground.

Drop no special drop

‌Forest Guardian‌, I only remember one skill, Asian Binding, and throwing chains are useless.

drop disciple

‌Magma‌ worms are very easy to fight, and the skill is to escape and spray lava at the same time.

But it’s troublesome to run around, it’s easy to find him

Drop no special drop

‌Hidden objects

In Risk of Rain 2, If you arrive at the snow map ten minutes ago, you can open a special box with active equipment in it. I forgot what claws are, but they are very powerful. unlock achievements. Also unlocks one of the robot’s loading skills Chainsaw. I don’t know if the empty island is hidden or not, That’s how the robot’s chainsaw unlocks, I should remember correctly.

The fourth-level siren or hell

‌The fourth level must have red equipment; the hidden part says BOOS. The BOOS of the first few levels

Hidden part

In the game Risk of Rain 2. The hidden part of hell is a legendary treasure chest, if you encounter hell in the fourth level, the price of the legendary treasure chest is about 3000-5000 depending on the time, the treasure chest is located in a very, very small cave in the middle of the map

I hope I didn’t misunderstand others by saying this, because there is a big cave in hell, and a small cave is outside. Open it and you will get red equipment,

In the game Risk of Rain 2, the hidden parts of the siren are those white eggs on the map, which can be broken by five to summon the Big Eye.

Break the fourth ‌ while the chat box prompt is buzzing

Breaking the fifth one at the same time, the buzzing in the chat box is getting stronger and stronger

‌Killing the big-eyed monster will drop red equipment. Because the big-eyed monster is a BOSS, this drop depends on the number of players. There are several players who drop several pieces of red equipment.

So if you play multiplayer, look forward to Siren, after all, there is only one legendary treasure chest.

‌Big-Eyed Monster‌ is recommended to use Juggernaut. Like Travis Scott Fish Meme, the Big-Eyed Monster can be killed directly. The fastest way to hit him is.

Big eye monster skills, summon small eye monster, light attack

When the blood volume is low to a certain level, a large area of ​​knock-off circles will appear, which will not cause you any damage and try to kill you. So grasp the height and jump on it. ‌At the same time add a super-thick shield

Level 5 Hanging Garden

BOOS overload worm

The overloaded worm will make your computer very stuck, and the skill has more thunderbolt than the magma worm. The skill is very handsome, and the whole body is blue. This monster is in the sky garden, sometimes there will be a bug and it will die suddenly, I don’t know why. Possibly knocked yourself out.

Hidden part

‌In the game Risk of Rain 2, there is an empty island on the edge of the cliff, and the empty island over there is where the artifact is unlocked.

Map the artifact you want to unlock, and then interact with the computer in the back to unlock the artifact.

Unlocking the artifact space will have the effect that you want to unlock the artifact, killing monsters will drop the key, use the key to interact with BOOS, and the BOOS will be unlocked when there is no blood.

It is recommended to give priority to unlocking the artifacts that you can choose to equip. The difficulty will be much lower, and it will be more fun to play.

As for the map, see Wikipedia, some people will say what is there? BOOS didn’t say MMMMM understands naturally

Elite monster


Trait damage over time


Trait Slow


Feature Shield


‌‌Characteristics Monsters within the invisibility aura are invisible

lapis lazuli

‌‌Forbidden Healing throws grass-like objects around and does high damage


  • . In the game Risk of Rain 2 Your birth chamber, the back can be opened, there is a fuel cell inside, it is used to unlock the electronic plant
  • . If you can’t find the BOOS portal, you can look at the red dot in the air. If you see it, that’s where the                  BOOS portal is.
  • . The middle mouse button can be marked, and mom no longer has to worry about me not being able to speak.
  • . It is recommended to give priority to picking up acceleration equipment in the early stage. As long as you run fast enough, you will not be able to hit me.
  • . Red equipment bear, ready one at any time.