Presentation of SAS status for an ESN (digital service companies)

SAS It is no longer possible to doubt the complete domination of digital over our lives. Since the invention of the Internet, this trend has only strengthened. Today, with artificial intelligence and its infinite potential, increasingly developed connectivity, and countless areas of research in the field of materials, quantum computing, or virtual worlds, creating a digital services company is always a good idea.

Digital service companies: the dominant model of tomorrow?

Over the past decade, we have all increased the time we spend in front of screens drastically.
Digital is now integrated into all aspects of our lives.

How to create your ESN in an optimal way?

As always when creating your company, you must first ensure the relevance and viability of your idea. For this, you can first solicit the members of your family, your closest friends, and possibly some colleagues evolving in the same branch as you. This first wave assessment will necessarily have to be supplemented by a more professional approach to identifying your chances. Thus, market research is a must for creating a digital services company. And the status of SAS for an ESN is obvious, we will come back to this.
In general, this market study should make it possible to analyze all the trends in the sector. In particular, know how to determine their needs, expectations, and above all means. An entrepreneur who has perfectly defined the profile of his clients takes a considerable advantage over his competitors.

From the business plan to the financing of your ESN

A business that works is a business for which we have taken the time to define the most precise characteristics. Thanks to market research, you already know your future customers, their needs, and what the competition offers. Now it’s time to list your own needs to establish yourself in the sector. Human resources, premises, state-of-the-art computer equipment, software licenses, professional insurance, and all the components of your activity must be listed and quantified, in order to establish the financial resources your company needs to get started because digital is a domain in which companies need secure financial support to evolve in complete serenity!
Note that this business plan must also include the forecast balance sheet, the initial financing plan, and the table for calculating the break-even point. Also remember that In addition, the choice of the status of your structure is also extremely important. So let’s now see how SAS status for an ESN is almost unavoidable.

Why is SAS status for an ESN obvious?

The SAS, for Simplified Joint Stock Company, is a very fashionable status at the moment. This is already a good reason to prefer the status of SAS for an ESN rather than another. Because creating a digital services company involves finding significant funding in most situations. Indeed, it takes money to equip yourself with expensive equipment or to recruit the talented developers and creatives that all the big companies are snapping up. Thus, many start-ups have already chosen this legal model, which has made it very popular with investors of all origins and therefore makes it a tool at the service of expressing your professionalism.
However, the choice of SAS is not only cosmetic. On the contrary, the flexibility of the SAS, allowed by the great statutory freedom which characterizes it, facilitates the adjustment of the functioning of the structure to the specific needs of the company. The conditions for entry and exit of capital, the conditions for management, and those for collective decision-making are all very flexible. In a universe as changing as digital, this allows constant adaptation and therefore unfailing flexibility. And also know that if you have already chosen the SARL and you regret it, it is not too late because, with the right support, the transformation from a sarl to an airlock is very simple.

The particularities of SAS at the service of your expansion

However, there is a fundamental difference between the two legal forms.

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