SEND MONEY ONLINE TO BUSINESS CONTACTS IN MOROCCO. Thanks to the appearance of many digital platforms on this buoyant market, sending money online to professional contacts or relatives in Morocco is now very easy. Gone are the days when you had to withdraw funds in cash and travel to a physical branch. Forget the exorbitant fees charged by historical players in this sector.

Explanation of the process step by step

The month is almost over. You have managed to put some money aside and you want to send it to a service provider there or even to please your friends or family members back home. Know that the process to send money to Morocco is extremely simple:

  • You create your account in a few minutes on a site or application that allows you to send money online.
  • You indicate the personal information of the beneficiary (surname, first name, date of birth).
  • You pay with your credit card
  • The beneficiary can withdraw the money in an agency of his choice in the country concerned with the withdrawal code and his identity card

Send money online to contacts in Morocco at low cost

The main interest of going through an application to send money online to professional contacts or relatives in Morocco is financial. Traditional banks charge very large sums when they are asked to make transfers outside the euro zone. By entrusting this task to an intermediary like the French start-up Monisnap, which helps the diaspora of more than 152 countries to support their entourage or to work with offshore service providers, you will have extremely reduced costs (around two euros per transfer) as well as an advantageous exchange rate. This company also offers a first free transaction to each new customer in order to be able to test the service.

The digital revolution underway

The transfer of currencies abroad is not the only process that the accelerated digitization of our society has recently managed to facilitate. It is now possible to use your computer to send a registered letter online, sign important documents electronically or terminate contracts by email.  With increasingly busy days on a personal and professional level, the fast life of the modern French citizen would quickly become complicated without the support of these new tools.

If you have not yet taken this habit, sending money online to your professional contacts or their relatives in Morocco via a mobile application is the most effective and least expensive solution available to you. Feel free to try this method.