Super Soco TC Max electric bike

With the arrival of lovely days, it appears that good intentions are multiplying This vintage-looking electric motorcycle with high-tech performance should not disappoint, especially since it does not require a motorcycle license to operate. The AM License (ex BSR) is sufficient to drive it at speeds up to 45 km/h and is comparable to a 50 cc (vintage) Super Soco TC electric motorcycle is now available for less than 3000 euros.

What is the Super Soco TC?

As a result, this electric motorcycle is similar to a vehicle that does not require a license and is used with an AM license, which is still far less expensive than a motorcycle license. Users like its classic style, as well as its weight! It barely weighs 70 kilograms, making it a convenient vehicle. The manufacturer claims an 80-kilometer range and a top speed of 45 km/h with a 2900 watt Bosch motor. It has a small bonus: instead of an ignition key, it has a key that unlocks it when you approach the card. It also features an alarm that sounds whenever someone tries to unlock it without. The detachable battery takes less than an hour to fully charge.

Braking, tires, suspensions what gives?

The engine which is housed in the vehicle’s rear-wheel eliminates the need for a traditional chain or belt transmission. It has Full-LED and LED daytime running lights for lighting. A digital LCD and an analog needle counter can be seen on the dashboard. On 90/17 spoke wheels, the front suspension is an inverted hydraulic fork with a 35mm travel. Front braking is done with discs (240mm 2 pistons) and is front/rear linked. On a 110/17 stick wheel, the rear suspension is a basic adjustable spring. A windscreen (55€), a top-case (249€), even a highly suggested anti-theft device (98€), or even a smartphone holder (75€ / 79€) are all choices for the electric motorcycle. It is also possible to add an additional battery for 990€ if it is not currently out of stock.

The technical characteristics of the Super Soco TC

  • Keyless start / Automatic unlocking with the approach of the key
  • Theft detection / The alarm will go off if someone tries to unlock it without a key
  • Removable Panasonic 18650 Lithium-ion battery, 700 cycles, 60V30AH, 9 kg,
  • 2-year warranty, i.e. approximately 700 recharge cycles
  • Autonomy: 80 km
  • Maximum speed: 45 km/h
  • Power: 3000 watts
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Motor type: Hub Brushless BOSCH
  • Equivalence: 50 cc
  • Driving modes: Eco / Normal / Sport
  • Maximum torque: 150 N.m
  • Clutch: Automatic