THE AUTOMOBILE SUBSCRIPTION: HOW DOES IT WORK? The car subscription is a new trend that is gaining momentum. It is indeed an ideal alternative to the purchase which is apparently less restrictive than a rental with option to purchase (LOA) or a long-term rental (LLD). We tell you all about this new concept that could revolutionize your consumption habits.

Car subscription: what is it?

The car subscription is a service that allows you to own a car for a monthly payment for an indefinite period. Thanks to the car subscription with BYmyCAR, for example, you have brand-name vehicles at unbeatable prices. Unlike a rental contract, the person who benefits from this offer is not bound in time and can therefore unsubscribe at any time.

The monthly payment is naturally fixed according to the brand of the car. Of course, the company that offers the subscription remains the owner. However, the user is responsible for the vehicle and must take care of it. If he wishes to unsubscribe, he must return it as is in order to avoid any financial penalty.

The car subscription process

In general, subscribing to an online car subscription is done in three steps:

  • Vehicle selection;
  • The configuration of the options and the definition of the duration of the commitment;
  • The choice of the type of delivery.

As part of the vehicle selection, depending on your needs, you are offered a multitude of models. Then you define the mileage of the vehicle and the duration of the subscription. You also choose the options associated with the service, including the mechanical warranty, maintenance service, etc. Once the subscription has been validated, the vehicle is delivered to your home.

The difference between car leasing and car subscription

The car subscription shares many points in common with the LOA. However, it offers a more complete service with more benefits. The monthly fee is made up of all vehicle-related charges including maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance, repairs, taxes, and registration fees. It should be noted that the longer the duration of the subscription, the lower the monthly installments.

The impact of this new concept in our daily lives

Companies offering car subscription services have brought some peace of mind to consumers. To subscribe to this offer, you do not need to have a substantial capital. This formula has come all simplified. You will therefore be exempt from certain constraints, in particular the repayment of credit over a long period. In addition, the administrative procedures are followed by the service provider.

The car subscription is a concept that was designed to improve our living conditions. Through this formula, you can easily have a car without incurring huge expenses. All you have to do is pay your monthly payments over a well-defined period. How to select your subscription agency?

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