THE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE MARKET RESISTS THE CRISIS. Recognized as an essential good during the Covid-19 crisis, the electronic cigarette is very popular with smokers: every year, many French people choose to switch to e-cigarettes in addition to or replace cigarettes. . The electronic cigarette market is therefore constantly evolving and seems to be resisting the crisis. How to explain this attraction?

What is an electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette appeared on the French market in 2010. There are many models to match all profiles: for beginners or experienced vapers, small or large smokers… It is useful to take advantage of professional advice to choose your electronic cigarette, as on https://www.ecig

The evolving e-cigarette market

Today in France, 75% of regular smokers have made the transition to electronic cigarettes: it is a dynamic market that welcomes many new enthusiasts. The sector has almost 4 million consumers.

During the Covid-19 crisis, electronic cigarette stores were recognized as essential businesses. This measure allowed them to reduce the impact of the crisis on their economy, and some companies were able to take advantage of it: the growth rate of the e-cigarette in 2020 was 8% despite the economic and health crisis. The same is true for 2021, with a turnover of 1.2 billion euros.

According to a Xerfi study, the electronic cigarette market should experience growth of 5% to 10% by 2023. It is therefore a buoyant market. A qualitative marketing study can be interesting on the subject, for a complete and in-depth analysis.

The e-cigarette market is dynamic and attracts many players. Companies must respect many rules on the capacity of e-liquids, the maximum dosage for nicotine, labels…

Why does the e-cigarette attract consumers?

The electronic cigarette market is resisting the crisis, in particular, because the price of tobacco is steadily increasing. Choosing an electronic cigarette, therefore, saves money: a smoker spends an average of 350 euros per month on tobacco, a figure that drops to 50 euros for a vaper.

The electronic cigarette market is also experiencing significant growth because it is an effective and harmless solution to weaning off tobacco. This is the most used method to reduce or stop consumption, before the patch or other substitutes containing nicotine.