The right reflexes to take during a gaming session. How to continue to perform and have fun, without spending too many hours in a bad position or in bad conditions? With the rise of eSports and quite simply the video game world, more and more amateurs are looking to set up the best conditions for their future sessions.

The video game world is popular

The world of video games and online entertainment has never experienced such progress in recent years. This phenomenon can be explained by many things, such as the increase in video game simulations, democratized access to several platforms and other game consoles, or the rise of eSports.

Take breaks

On the road, during a traditional sport, or in front of your screen, the idea is the same. To stay focused and above all, not to put yourself in danger or to remain lucid in certain cases, breaks are mandatory.

Make yourself comfortable

Without mentioning the importance of the material in the performance and in the comfort of play, the installation is also preponderant in the long term. Playing several hours a week in a bad position will be harmful to your body in the future, it is undeniable!

The installation is paramount and will allow you to fully enjoy your free time for this entertainment.

Pay attention to hygiene

The idea is the same for lifestyle. Although screen entertainment is particularly demanding, it is in no way a normal physical activity. More than usual, it is therefore crucial not to do anything in terms of sleep and food.

Regarding sleep, avoid late hours of play, especially because of blue lights that will keep you systematically awake.

In terms of food, fruit and water will be safe in case of a little hunger. Forget sweets of all kinds!