Things 3 is a project organization support application available on Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Developed by Cultured Code, it allows the user to plan their tasks and projects much more efficiently than with a simple to-do list. Based on the principles of the Getting Things Done (GTD) organizational theory, it helps to increase productivity to achieve its objectives.

The Things 3 app and its principles

The GTD method is the cornerstone of this application. Developed in 2001 by David Allen in his book “Getting Things Done, the art of stress-free productivity”, it allows you to manage your daily priorities according to five pillars: collect all the tasks you plan to do, process those that can be, and sort the others, organize them according to different criteria, then revise them regularly to have a follow-up, and finally, act! The designers of the Things 3 application have succeeded in translating this organizational process into a simple application, with a clean interface, functional and pleasant to use. It allows you to note all your ideas for personal or professional projects in an “Inbox”. You can then easily organize them using keywords and follow their progress on the same screen.

Assistance in organizing effective projects

Whether it’s shopping, planning a trip to Bali or tracking the progress of your orders, the app makes sure you don’t forget anything. It accompanies the user from the first idea to the realization of the project, thanks to its advanced functions. Customizable domains allow, for example, to classify tasks according to different themes (family, pro, routines, etc.). An entrepreneur can therefore save time by grouping all his clients under the same domain name (“Clients”), to find them later more easily, regardless of the date on which he added them. Another interesting function is the automatic postponement of tasks.

Special Apple project management

The Things 3 project organization help app is part of Apple’s ecosystem. You can therefore only use it if you have a Mac, iPhone, iPad or iWatch. Note that there is no universal version. Each device has its own version. You will therefore have to buy them separately to equip all of your devices. If necessary, you can then easily synchronize your “Inbox” from your Mac to your iPhone for example. What facilitates the collection of tasks. For readers with an Android, here is a test of its competitor workflowy. Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, will also allow you to fill out your to-do list simply by voice. However, be sure to pronounce “Singz” correctly for better recognition. You can find the link of the application on the App Store.

The Things 3 app is a real help for organizing projects. It offers the optimal framework for anyone wishing to put in place a strategy to achieve their objectives. Without subscription and more practical than a paper diary, it follows you everywhere and offers you all the space you need to carry out your projects.