Tips for controlling your budget and saving money with your smartphone. Money is the engine of our economic world. Between daily life made up of small pleasures and life goals, the contradiction is sometimes difficult to manage. Fortunately, you can now control your budget with a simple application. controlling your budget and saving money with your smartphone.

Controlling your budget is a universal necessity

There is also a general liberalization of social life, which means that a large part of the public services which we all benefit from free of charge, or at least at low cost, have become major items of expenditure. The education of children, medical care, and all kinds of services essential to life and now the responsibility of families, therefore, requires the use of effective means to better manage one’s capital. And the application, which can be downloaded for free here, is designed for this!

Better manage your money on a daily basis

The Ney-Mo application is first and foremost a tool for better banking ergonomics. You can connect an unlimited number of accounts to it, which will facilitate an overall view of your financial state at any given time. Gone are the days when you needed to connect to the various banking sites of your brands, thanks to Ney-Mo, in just one click, you have access to your budget and your projects!

Your money safe with one app

In addition, the Ney-Mo application is also an ideal tool for monitoring your money. The application can indeed anticipate risky situations and alert you if necessary. You can even benefit from personalized advice to control your budget and Ney-Mo will sometimes suggest certain options. You will of course be able to view all your transfers, avoid accounts receivable, and above all monitor unusual expenses!