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Choosing a dissertation title can be challenging, as it sets the scope and direction of the entire research project. It is important to choose a title that is both interesting and manageable, as well as relevant to the field of study. It is important to choose a title that is both interesting and manageable, as well as relevant to the field of study.

Here are a few tips that may help in choosing a dissertation title:

  1. Choose a passionate topic that aligns with your research interests and career goals.
  2. Consult your advisor or other faculty members for their input and guidance on potential dissertation topics.
  3. Conduct a thorough literature review to identify gaps in existing research and potential areas for further investigation.
  4. Consider the practical implications of your research and how it may contribute to real-world issues and challenges.

Dissertation Titles For the students of Masters Of Economics

Here are three examples of dissertation titles for a Master’s in Economics:

The Economics Of Climate Change And Sustainability

Climate change poses a major threat to economic development, as rising sea levels, more frequent natural disasters, and changing weather patterns can devastate economies worldwide.

At the same time, promoting sustainability is essential for ensuring long-term economic growth and prosperity.

This dissertation could analyse the following:

  • The economic costs of climate change, including the costs of adaptation and mitigation measures
  • The economic benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting clean energy.
  • The impact of climate change on specific sectors, such as agriculture, tourism, and energy production.
  • Explore potential policy solutions to promote sustainability in these sectors.

Furthermore, the dissertation could examine the effectiveness of different policy instruments in promoting sustainability, such as carbon pricing, renewable energy subsidies, and green infrastructure investment.

It could analyse these policies’ economic and social impacts and their feasibility in different contexts.

International Trade And Economic Development

International trade has been a critical economic growth and development driver over the past few decades. Free trade agreements have played an important role in facilitating trade and promoting economic integration.

This dissertation could examine the following:

  • The effects of free trade agreements on economic development.
  • The impacts on trade liberalisation.
  • Export-oriented growth.
  • The role of regional trade agreements on global economic governance.
  • The challenges and opportunities of trade for developing countries.

Furthermore, the dissertation could analyse the following:

  • Effectiveness of different policy instruments in promoting trade and economic development,
  • Including investment in infrastructure, technology transfer, and capacity building.

It could also investigate the role of international institutions such as the World Trade Organisation in promoting global trade and economic development.

Overall, “International Trade and Economic Development” is an important dissertation topic that can contribute to our understanding of the complex relationship between trade and economic development and the role of policy in promoting sustainable and inclusive growth.

The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Economic Growth in Developing Countries


It is another topic of the dissertation by Essays UK. Fiscal policy influences the economy through government spending, taxation, and borrowing.

Developing countries need help promoting economic growth, including limited resources, inadequate infrastructure, and high poverty levels.

It could also analyse:

  • The effects of taxation on entrepreneurship, investment, and innovation.
  • Explore the role of fiscal policy in promoting inclusive growth and reducing inequality in developing countries.

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