Wealth management is a complex field that requires specific know-how. Investors have many investment opportunities available to them, but their decisions should be analyzed in advance.

A wealth management advisor is the best choice to ensure profitable investments and long-term financial stability.

Wealth management advisor: what are his tasks?

As an expert, the wealth management advisor carries out a wealth assessment, analyzes it and provides advice adapted to your investment profile and your resources. After having explained to you the current state of your assets, he will be able to present you with a viable financial strategy based on:

  • the condition and value of financial assets currently in your possession;
  • your savings levels;
  • your expenses;
  • your financial priorities.
  • optimize your tax
  • increase your income through investments
  • manage your investments
  • preserve existing assets
  • secure your retirement
  • preparing for the transfer of assets, etc.

Why seek the services of a wealth management advisor?

Benefit from a diversified and personalized service
In addition to advice on real estate assets, your wealth manager can help you with a variety of things, including:

  • tax;
  • legal ;
  • retirement ;
  • life insurance ;
  • financial investment.
  • the acquisition of new real estate;
  • accession to new investments;
  • tax relief solutions.

A very wide and extensive range of products and services is therefore available, making it possible to offer tailor-made and complementary solutions.

Preparing for inheritance

Inheritance tax in France is quite high compared to some of its European countries. To prevent your heirs from paying high inheritance tax, the wealth management advisor can recommend solutions to minimize costs, such as:

  • life insurance;
  • direct transfers;
  • shared donations;
  • the SCIs.

Finally, by using the services of a wealth management expert, you can maximize the return on your investments and improve your finances. It will help you choose the best investments or real estate investments according to your profile.

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