The 6 essential qualities of a website

Competition in the digital environment continues to grow. Before a website can be a real asset to your business, it must meet a number of criteria. This is also necessary to have a return on investment on the funds committed to the creation and management of your storefront on the net. So what are the qualities that a website that seeks success must have?

The good visibility of your website: a must

Visibility is at the heart of all the steps of a digital strategy. Without this, it would be impossible to monetize your website and consider having profitability. This must be taken into account when creating the site, during the natural referencing process, and at each stage of positioning monitoring.

To have good visibility, your pages must be indexed in search engines. When Internet users launch queries related to your sector of activity, your content must be well-positioned in the first pages of results. It is thanks to this that you will generate significant traffic, which you can then convert through specific marketing strategies.

Successfully referencing a website nevertheless requires expertise. Your content must be well optimized. You will also need to acquire relevant links and add to that a good communication policy. To benefit from this expertise, in order to boost your visibility on the net, it is wise to contact communication agencies like Fructiweb who offer you their services and their recognized expertise in the field.

This choice guarantees you satisfactory results thanks to an effective digital strategy that sets you apart from the competition. The experts are responsible for auditing your positioning to define the appropriate strategies according to your objectives and your vision. This allows you to save time and better focus on your core business. Thanks to a synergy effect, you make your investments profitable in record time.

The design of the website

When people visit your website, the first impression they get will determine their reaction. If a lot of visitors leave your page after 3 seconds, it will be detrimental to your business. This is why the design is also very important to retain Internet users who come across your site while they are browsing.

The graphic design of your pages must be attractive while reflecting your seriousness and your professionalism. It is then necessary to find a good balance between aesthetics, sobriety, and visual communication. To achieve this, you can also use the know-how of a graphic design studio. You will then benefit from the talents of a web designer, to convey the brand image of your company and promote your activity effectively.

Ergonomics and ease of navigation

The user experience is also a determining factor in retaining the Internet user and encouraging him to return to your site. To ensure this, there are also many parameters to consider. You must ensure the accessibility of your interface. It must be intuitive, comprehensive, and responsive. Internet users are also very sensitive to page loading times. Navigation should be fluid, fast, and consistent. It is necessary that the visitor easily understands the structure of the page. He must be able to know precisely where he is on the site.

Also, add a return to home on each page of the site and avoid having a large page depth. In the parameters favoring the ergonomics of a site, there is also the adaptation to the different screen sizes. Your pages should be optimized to display effectively on all types of devices. Finally, the characters must be clearly legible. This requires the choice of appropriate typography and a good layout of the texts.

The interest in the content and the relevance of the site

Search engines now integrate the notion of the usefulness of the site in order to be able to reference it. For this, it is no longer enough to optimize its content for robots. You must respond to a problem that is of interest to Internet users. If you provide solutions to your visitors’ problems, they will spend more time on your pages.

SEO strategy

This first allows you to monetize your traffic and also gain better positioning. To also improve the effectiveness of your content policy, you must offer a variety of formats and diversify your offers or themes. Submit well-structured texts that are easily understood while using technical language to prove your expertise.

The ease of identification and the presence of information on the administrators of the site

A quality site must stand out from the competition. Your visitors must be able to find and identify you easily on the Internet. It is then necessary to choose a URL of quality and easy to remember. You will need a graphic identity (logo) to facilitate the identification of your brand. You also need a home page that provides quick information on what you offer. In a few glances, the Internet user must know your activity, your offers, and the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat you defend.

On top of that, add some information about yourself or your business. The visitor needs to feel safe browsing your site. Don’t forget to fill in the “About” section on your page. Also, add your address and ways to easily contact you. These are elements that increase the reliability of the site and encourage the visitor to browse it for longer.

Compliance with web standards

A quality site should not only appeal to Internet users and search engines. Care must also be taken to meet the standards that govern activities on the Internet. These are not rules per se, but recommendations from the World Wide Web Consortium. For example, compatibility with a wide variety of browsers must be ensured.

Your site should also display with any operating system. You need great flexibility to be able to adapt to new standards as well as browser updates. This guarantees the scalability of the site and its durability. Respecting semantics and tags also promotes better site referencing.

Entrusting a specialized agency with the task of creating your website means ensuring that it will have all the qualities presented here, and that it will best serve your interests.