What is the RPVA key that authenticates a lawyer? In all sectors of society, digital is taking hold at breakneck speed. And very few people complain about it. Digital technology is always about efficiency, security, speed, and ergonomics. Here are more specifically the characteristics of the RPVA key which authenticates a lawyer.

What is the RVPA key?

The RVPA key that authenticates an attorney is now more simply referred to as an attorney key.

What is the RPVA key that authenticates a lawyer used for?

Thanks to the RVPA key which authenticates a lawyer, it will be possible, for example, to have unlimited and permanent access to all the services of the Order, as well as to the two services e-Barreau and e-carpa. You can also carry out a large number of administrative procedures through it and monitor the status of the procedures. Finally, the key also makes it possible to electronically sign official documents and to send qualified LREs, in particular via Ar24.fr.

RVPA keyless life

As you will have understood, the RVPA key which authenticates a lawyer is absolutely essential today to carry out all kinds of tasks and procedures inherent in the life of modern legal professionals.