Which is a better option for you, Spectrum Internet TV vs. Spectrum cable TV?

Spectrum Internet TV is a service offered by Charter Communications, doing business as Spectrum, that combines high-speed internet with a selection of television channels. It is delivered via cable and can be accessed using a Spectrum-provided cable modem and a digital cable box. Spectrum Internet TV plans typically include a variety of popular cable channels, local channels, and the option to add premium channels. Additionally, customers can use the Spectrum TV app to access their programming on mobile devices and streaming devices.

What’s going on there?

Of course, staunch cable supporters will counter that you can’t see some shows the night they premiere or get live coverage of your favourite games. This was accurate a few years ago, but services like spectrum cable and internet deals NOW, Philo, and Sling have made it obsolete. No, just more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that cable simply isn’t profitable anymore. Here are seven reasons to consider cutting the cord in 2019 if you’re on the fence about it.

The first reason to switch is that it is live and in colour.

We briefly discussed this topic a moment ago, but we decided it would be best to make sure everyone understood it before moving on. Yes, the main criticism of streaming services among cable TV viewers has always been that they don’t offer as much current-day screen time as cable TV does. The best spectrum tv app customer service, news, and entertainment programming available today can now be watched live on a variety of services, so those days are long gone. Cable, you’re done.

Reason #2: It’s just so simple to make the switch.

How easy it is is perhaps one of the main draws of online TV. You’re fine to go if you have access to the internet. There isn’t any complicated equipment, configuration, or (gasp!) installation. After signing up, you can immediately start engaging in serious entertainment. That level of ease is unmatched by cable. And let’s not even begin to discuss the equipment (imagine compatibility, wiring, and dollars shooting out of your pocket)…

Third Reason It’s Time to Switch: An excess of a good thing

As previously stated, the typical American has access to about 2,000 channels. It’s actually closer to ten times that much if you add them all up. Who the devil needs that many channels, is the actual query! We dare you to name one of your friends who has ever seen every channel offered by their cable provider. No one needs that much content, thus you won’t find them. Actually, the figures are only an exaggerated estimate of hypothetical entertainment.

How many people actually watch the Recipe Channel, Smithsonian Live, and Rural Free Delivery TV, after all? How many channels do you need for cookery shows, especially if you enjoy specialised programming? With streaming, you get a tonne of choice without the hassle of browsing countless possibilities. (Would you rather that we say that in the fifteen languages you don’t understand, just like half the channels on your cable network?)

Reason #4 for Making the Switch: You’re going to enjoy the original content.

In addition, several of these streaming services give you access to some of the hottest original content currently available. These networks provide some incredible programming, and we’re talking Emmy Award-winning programmes, ranging from the sweeping HBO fantasy drama series Game of Thrones to Netflix’s satirical Orange is the New Black.

Get stuff that isn’t widely known, which is reason #5 for switching.

The majority of tourists are going to adore this. Your home has cable TV, but if you leave the house, you’re stranded. So, Charlie, I apologise if you want to watch your favourite shows while you’re on vacation.
However, this is not the case with internet TV. In truth, you may travel with your subscription to Hulu by using a reliable VPN provider. Your favourite programmes, games, music, and channels are not geo-restricted when you connect to the VPN. Everything is there at all times.

Sixth justification for switching: lack of interest. No issues

We already mentioned how complicated the cable sign-up procedure is. However, we neglected to mention how much more difficult it is to CANCEL your subscription. Online, several consumers have expressed their intense displeasure at the lengths they must go through just to get someone to pick up the phone and then explain themselves. Additionally, you might not be able to cancel if you don’t have a compelling explanation.

Therefore, internet TV is a better choice unless you like the notion of selling your firstborn to get out of a contract that was essentially written in blood. You can sign up for monthly commitments with these services. Therefore, it won’t be an issue for you to cancel the next month. There aren’t any conditions, and you’re not required to keep any lengthy commitments.

Personalization is the seventh reason to make the switch.

Everyone enjoys having things personalised, from t-shirts to shopping trips. Streaming services employ AI to create fresh suggested pieces of content that correspond to your preferences after learning about your viewing patterns. For your shows, it’s like having a personal shopper!

The eighth reason to make the switch is to download content for offline viewing.

The majority of streaming services also allow you to download their content so you can watch it later, which is a nice bonus. In this way, you can still enjoy the show even if your internet connection is spotty. This is a wonderful choice if you’re travelling to a distant area where there might not always be 3G or internet availability. Additionally, downloaded content allows you to repeatedly view your favourite parts.
Who says you can’t take it with you when you go? That’s reason #9 why it’s time to switch.

This is a fairly significant deal, I know. The configuration and installation of cable are two of the most annoying aspects of it. Internet TV is just so much simpler on so many levels, as we have already discussed. Additionally, it is portable. Anywhere you travel, you can watch streaming content on any number of devices. That is a significant benefit if you are changing apartments, but it is an even greater benefit if you enjoy watching video while on the go or want to transfer between devices.

Therefore, all of your content travels with you whether you’re travelling by rail, standing in line, or going on vacation. With no mess or fuss.

Reason #10 Why It’s Time to Move:

Money Of course, the cost of streaming is the main factor driving so many Americans to switch from cable, satellite, or telco TV (up by 32.8%). It should come as no surprise that Americans are a thrifty people who always try to save money. In fact, moving from cable to internet viewing can save you far more than just a few dollars.

You would typically pay $100 a month for a cable subscription, not including any fees. Less than half of money can be spent on streaming services, and for the true frugal types, there are workarounds to save even more (like sitting through ads or minimising the number of devices you can stream from). You pay for thousands of meaningless channels that you’ll never even see with cable, and the cost of service keeps rising every year.
Cut the cable and start enjoying entertainment the way it was intended to be enjoyed because it is obvious that internet TV is the trend of the future.