WHICH TRAINING TO BECOME A LOCKSMITH? The locksmith is a professional specialist in the installation and repair of your doors, locks, and various equipment.

The different locksmith services

The locksmith trade is a regulated activity. Not everyone can declare themselves a locksmith without undergoing professional training.

Locksmith installer and repairman

The fitter and/or repairman in locksmithing is a profession accessible via a BEP or a CAP in carpentry and metalwork. The locksmith specializing in installation and troubleshooting has the role of installing the various equipment for his customers: door, armored door, lock…

Accessible via a BEP or a CAP, it is possible to become a locksmith without having graduated, provided you have experience in carpentry and metalwork. Sometimes, it will be necessary to have additional skills in the field of electricity for the installation of ever more sophisticated equipment.

The profession of locksmith-metalworker

If you want to perform key duplication, this is the branch to choose. The profession of locksmith-metalworker consists of transforming metal to create practical equipment: ramps, keys, windows, metal curtains… It is a training that takes place for 2 years after college. For a position of higher responsibility, an RNCP title is mandatory.

The profession of locksmith accessible via professional training

If you want to retrain as a locksmith, there are training courses provided by training organizations over several days or months. It’s up to you to find a certifying training according to your expectations and wishes.

Salary after school

If you are hired as a locksmith technician, the remuneration starts at 1330€ gross / month. This may be different depending on the size of the company and the geographical area. If you want to start your own account, be aware that the locksmith trade is a regulated activity. The remuneration will depend on the prices you display and the missions you will have.

Qualities a Locksmith Must Have

The main qualities that a locksmith must have are:

  • Technical skills
  • Good knowledge of locksmith equipment
  • Regularly update your skills
  • Listening to customers
  • Coping with the unexpected
  • Handle equipment with precision